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How and Where to Get Ephedrine and Ephedra

where to get ephedrineWant to get ephedrine HCL to help you lose weight and get in shape? Shopping for a hard-hitting diet supplement to help you achieve your New Year’s Resolution? It’s no secret that weight loss products tend to sell especially well after January 1st, but the real question is whether they will continue to sell throughout the year. With over 5,000,000 Americans having used ephedra and ephedrine to help them burn fat, this herbal supplement has certainly passed the test. Studies from Harvard and Columbia researchers have shown that ephedra combined with caffeine can help you drop an average of 2.2 pounds every month. You can achieve even better results if you hit the gym a few times a week and cut out some of those unhealthy snacks once you’ve found where to get ephedrine online..

But actually picking the best ephedrine or ephedra product to purchase can be challenging because there are so many to choose from. Not only are there dozens of brands of products, there are also a number of different formats that you can actually buy these compounds in. The picture is further complicated because of the USA’s ban on certain types of ephedra products implemented by the FDA. Other states also regulate the dosage and type of ephedrine pills that can be sold. So which is right for you? This article is intended to give you a quick overview of the options and sources for your weight loss supplements that are available and how to get ephedrine or ephedra. To get a more detailed picture on any of these picks, check out some of the other articles we have posted on this site!

Herbal Ma Huang Ephedra

Ephedra is a plant after all so the best place to start our tour of products is with buying the herb itself. The Ephedra Sinica plant (also known as Ma Huang) first showed up in Chinese medicine over 10,000 years ago. You can buy the stems of the plant from Chinese herbalists in the USA and then use these stems to make Ephedra Tea or grind them up yourself to make a powder. Just make sure you’re getting the real thing: There are dozens of different species of the ephedra plant and many of them do not actually contain ephedrine – the critical component for weight loss. Not only this, herbal products are not standardized in any way so it can be difficult to actually measure the amount of ephedrine you are consuming. This also tends to be a more expensive option, so most dieters prefer other formats when searching for ephedra for sale.

Buy Ephedra Seeds

Some people who want to use real ephedra decide to purchase the actual seeds themselves and grow their own herb. This is definitely a cheaper option as you can find a pack of seeds for sale for less than $10 online. You will have to wait a while for the plant to fully grow and you will need a consistently warm, dry climate in order for the shrub to properly thrive. For these reasons, most buyers will not choose the seed option. If you do decide to purchase ephedra seeds directly, make sure to pay extra for “high germination rate” seeds which have been engineered to yield more of the plant. You will also have to check that you are actually getting ma huang seeds and not sida cordifolia or Mormon Tea seeds – two other types of ephedra that are more common in the USA but not as powerful.

Powdered Ephedra For Sale

If herbal ephedra is what you want but buying the actual plant is too inconvenient, you might want to look for powdered ephedra instead of the raw herb. This is simply the plant stems, leaves, and flowers ground up into a fine powder that you can then mix into a liquid or take by itself. Ephedra sinica powder is very difficult to locate in the USA following the FDA ban and many products claiming to be pure ephedra will instead give you one of the inert versions of the plant. However, this product can still be sold in traditional Oriental formulations so if you do have a local Chinese herbalist you can ask them if they sell it. The biggest concern with powdered ephedra is dosage control since different ephedra sinica plants can contain different amounts of the ephedrine alkaloid resulting in too small a dose or a seriously unsafe overdose.

Purchase Ephedra Extract

purchase ephedra plant seeds If you are looking for actual ephedra diet pills, the only legal option in the USA is to order ephedra extract. Previously, popular supplements such as Metabolife 356, Lipodrene, and Xenadrine all contained ephedra alkaloids with ephedrine solidified in pill format. These products have now all been banned by the Food and Drug Administration and are no longer legal. But they have been replaced by ephedra tablets with the ephedrine extracted. This means that they are basically like decaffeinated coffee and are not very effective at helping you shed unwanted body fat. If you see an ephedra product that does not expressly give you a dosage of ephedrine alkaloids on the ingredient panel, then this is likely one of the extract products. You should avoid these and save your money for something that actually works.

How to Buy Ephedrine HCL

The final option we will look at is buying pure ephedrine alkaloids that have been synthesized and do not come from herbal sources of ephedra. These pills essentially give you the active ingredient that helps you lose weight without giving you some of the other unnecessary chemicals and substances found in the stems and leaves of the ephedra plant. Under FDA regulations, it is legal to get ephedrine so long as it is marketed and labeled as a nasal decongestant or bronchodilator.

Ephedrine is sold in either HCL or sulfate form, but the hydrochloride format is known to be more powerful because it is absorbed into the body better. You will typically find it in 8 mg tablets which is a level that have been sanctioned as very safe and unlikely to cause serious side effects when taken properly. Some of the brands that you will see for sale include the top-selling Kaizen, the slightly cheaper Synergenex, and the alternative 4EverFit. Since this option is the safest, cheapest, and most effective you will see the majority of fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders, and regular folks who need to lose weight using ephedrine HCL supplements to help them cut weight and boost their metabolism.


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