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Where to Find Legal Ephedrine HCL for Sale in Hawaii

where to find ephedrine in hawaiiEphedrine HCL is a legal product in the state of Hawaii, but actually finding it for sale can be challenging due to restrictions placed on anyone who sells the supplement. Most bodybuilders and dieters who want to buy pure ephedrine hydrochloride will choose to purchase it online for convenience and legality. Due to reports of dangerous side effects, you cannot buy ephedra products with ephedrine alkaloids in Hawaii, but you can purchase pure ephedrine HCL as an OTC drug subject to certain policy considerations. This article contains a brief discussion of the legal status of ephedrine in Hawaii and in the broader context of the United States. Check with local authorities for the most up to date laws and other ordinances that might apply to you.

In the USA, there are two main regulatory institutions that control the sale of ephedrine HCL: the Food and Drug Administration and a 2005 act of Congress called the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA). These laws set out certain regulations including the following: Ephedrine HCL cannot be sold in doses larger than 8 mg per pill with no more than 50 pills in a single bottle or blister pack; You must be at least 18 years old to buy ephedrine and you will be required to show photo ID and sign a sales tracking log to record your purchase for up to three years; A single individuals can purchase a maximum of 9 grams of ephedrine per 30 day period; and ephedrine HCL cannot be marketed as a weight loss or diet supplement. These laws were put in place to prevent the sale of ephedrine supplements such as Vasopro or Efedrin Arsan which contained as much as 75 mg of the chemical alkaloid per pill. This is considered to be an unsafe amount, but multiple studies have established that ephedrine is safe when used as directed in doses of 25 mg or less at a time.


In the state of Hawaii, it is unlawful to possess or sell ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine with the intention to use these substances in the manufacturing of illegal drugs. It is also illegal to sell ephedrine products that are marketed for unapproved purposes, such as for sexual aphrodisiacs, ecstasy, or any sort of chemical “high”. Ephedrine is regulated as a “precursor” chemical, but OTC pharmaceuticals are exempted from this status. There are no specific state regulations regarding the maximum purchasable quantity of ephedrine, but for pseudoephedrine a 3.6 gram per day and 9 gram per thirty day limitation is defined.

legal status of ephedrine hcl in hawaii stateOften, over-the-counter ephedrine products such as Bronkaid will be sold with a second ingredient such as gauifenesin instead of in a pure format. This is done to prevent ephedrine from being converted into any other sort of illegal drug. The problem is that some believe guaifenesin actually makes ephedrine less effective because it is a central nervous system depressant and therefore counteracts some of the stimulant effects. The two most popular pure ephedrine HCL brands are Kaizen and Synergenex which are sold online through Canadian websites. If you are looking to buy legal ephedrine supplements for consumption in Hawaii, finding products from these two suppliers is your best bet for positive fast results.


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