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Where Can You Legally Purchase Ephedrine in Tennessee?

ephedrine hcl legal status tennesseeIt is a little known fact that the much famed weight loss herb ephedrine is legal to buy in the state of Tennessee. While the ephedra plant has been banned in the USA by the FDA, you can still purchase synthetic ephedrine hydrochloride in OTC products at Tennessee pharmacies. That is because ephedrine HCL is considered safe and not associated with serious side effects in dosages between 8 mg and 24 mg. Even at these doses, ephedrine will greatly increase your metabolism and contribute to speedy fat loss results. Before purchasing an ephedrine product, you should be aware of several restrictions in place to make sure that it is marketed, sold, and used properly.

In Tennessee, ephedrine and the related alkaloid pseudoephedrine are legal to use in over the counter products. (Any pills sold in liquid or gel capsule format can actually be stocked direct on pharmacy shelves and do not need to be placed behind the counter.) Some of the most popular OTC products include Bronkaid, Synergenex, Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, Ephedrine Plus, and Primatene. If you are purchasing this compound to make an ECA Stack or use with some other combination of diet pills, it is best to look for pure single ingredient ephedrine from Synergenex or Kaizen as many of the other tablets contain ingredients that can interfere with your weight loss goals.

Each resident of Tennessee can buy up to 3.6 g. of ephedrine HCL per transaction with a per person maximum of 9 g. in 30 days. This maximum purchase limit follows the same standard set out by US federal law established by the 2005 CME Act. You have to show ID whenever you buy this supplement and your purchase will be checked against an electronic sales tracking system which is used to make sure no one exceeds the legal purchase amount. In following with federal law, you will have to sign a sales log and your personal data along with transaction details will be stored for two years.

ephedrine diet pills legal to buy in tennesseeTennessee state law also creates a possession limit of 20 g. of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine alkaloids by a single individual at any given time. If you surpass this limit, you may be found guilty of prima facie intent to manufacture an illegal substance. Furthermore, possession of 9 g. or more of these substances is considered illegal if you intend to use them as precursor chemicals in the production of controlled drugs. These laws are in place because ephedrine can be used to make certain illegal drugs, but if you are buying this supplement to help you lose weight and get in shape they should not effect you.

If the idea of showing photo identification and having your personal information tracked does not sound appealing to you, you will find that many Tennesseans purchase their ephedrine diet pills online from Canada. In Canada, ephedrine is legal to sell in 8 mg doses with up to 50 pills in a bottle. There is also no purchase limit on the books and no requirement to show ID or input your data into a central transaction database. A lot of people who get ephedrine shipped to Tennessee from Canada think they are somehow breaking the law and might get arrested. However, the DEA published a consumer guide on importing ephedrine into the US that makes it clear that you can bring as much as 7.5 g. of this product into the country for personal use. That should be welcome news to anyone looking to shed a few pounds in the state of Tennessee!



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