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Where Can You Find Ephedrine For Sale Legally in New Mexico State?

ephedrine legal status for sale new mexicoAccording to the Journal of the American Medical Association, even without exercising or limiting your diet, ephedrine HCL and caffeine can help you lose an average of 26 pounds a year. This fat burning supplement is so effective because it stimulates increased metabolism in several ways at once. But like any other medicament that can produce powerful results, it is also susceptible to harm if used incorrectly. Because of this, the FDA in the USA has intervened to put in place strict rules for any product that contains ephedrine.

You can actually buy ephedrine in New Mexico without a prescription, but OTC products have to be carefully checked to fit the state requirements. For example, an OTC ephedrine supplement must not only meet the FDA standards for sale, but it also has to contain 0.5% or less ephedrine by volume. This means that some of the best selling drugs in other states like Bronkaid are actually illegal in New Mexico. You might still be able to get these higher dosage pills if you live in this state, but you will need a prescription from your doctor in order to do so.

There are also strict demands of any suppliers, wholesalers, and retailers of merchandise containing this ephedra alkaloid. Firstly, all manufacturers and sellers must be licensed by the state Pharmacy Board and meet various standards for continued membership among this group. Secondly, no advertising of ephedrine products is allowed except for publications which are designed only to communicate the price of these commodities. As you can imagine, this makes operating a profitable business in this state highly difficult so a number of brands choose not to sell their products in New Mexico even though it is perfectly legal.

ship ephedrine legally to new mexicoThe good news is that there is no restriction on possession of ephedrine outside of the federal policy that you must not have intent to manufacture illegal drugs using pseudoephedrine or ephedrine. That means that should you buy ephedrine from a neighboring state or purchase it online, this is perfectly legal. Just remember that the federal laws on maximum purchase limits still apply and you should only be buying supplements from countries with equivalent policies to the FDA like from Canada.

Health Canada only allows ephedrine to be sold in 8 mg doses and to be labeled and marketed as a nasal decongestant or a bronchodilator, so if you order these pills from Canada they will be in full compliance with US law. It is legal to import ephedrine from Canada into the USA for personal use, but you have to buy less than 7.5 g total in a 30 day period to remain in compliance. That would give you up to 18 bottles of ephedrine that you could ship from Canada to New Mexico every 30 days without exceeding the limit.


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