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Using Bronkaid with Ephedrine for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

buy bronkaid with ephedrineMany individuals who would like to use ephedrine to cut weight have looked at Bronkaid as a legal source of this supplement that is readily available. Bronkaid is an OTC bronchodilator that can help relieve breathing difficulties associated with asthma. Each Bronkaid capsule contains 25 mg of ephedrine sulfate, making it a potent source of the alkaloid known to promote significant weight loss. You will often see it used in a homemade Bronkaid ECA Stack with aspirin and caffeine. But this product is not intended to be consumed as a diet pill and it includes a second ingredient which lessens the effectiveness of ephedrine as a stimulant.

The second ingredient that comes with Bronkaid is known as gauifenesin and there are 200 mg of it in each tablet of Bronkaid. It is found in a number of cough remedies for its effectiveness as an expectorant, making it easier to bring up phlegm from the airways. Gauifenesin side effects can include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and in rare cases the formation of kidney stones.


A large number of people who take Bronkaid for the ephedrine will overlook the gauifenesin if it means they can get their hands on a legal source of this drug. But taking these two compounds together is actually counter-productive if the goal is boosting your metabolism. Gauifenesin is a muscle relaxant and a CNS depressant which is known to increase the sedative effects of certain drugs and alcohol. Since ephedrine works by stimulating the central nervous system, taking it with a depressant in a 1:8 ratio most certainly limits the full efficacy of this powerful thermogenic.

If you are stuck with only being able to buy Bronkaid or a similar over the counter source of ephedrine, you should always opt for hydrochloride versions rather than sulfate versions. Ephedrine sulfate is not absorbed into the bloodstream as well as HCL is and it gives only about 80% of the metabolic boost that its cousin provides. Once you’ve acquired your supplement of choice, you should take a maximum of three pills a day. 25 mg of ephedrine is a substantial dose and exceeding this amount could result in unwanted side effects. Check with your doctor to confirm that you are healthy enough to take this product.

Bronkaid Recall


More recently, even Bronkaid has been hard to find for people living in the USA. Depending on your state, there are different laws regarding the sale of products containing this sometimes controversial supplement. In addition to this, some stores such as CVS and Walgreens have recently discontinued selling Bronkaid because of the stringent restrictions placed on anyone who carries ephedrine formulations. In December 2012, there was a voluntary recall of Bronkaid by Bayer Consumer Care due to a packaging problem with some of the bottles. This has led to an even greater shortage of the product and of other decongestants and asthma treatments containing ephedrine.

bronkaid diet pills side effectsIf you do decide that Bronkaid is not right for you, another option is to purchase safe and legal Ephedrine HCL online from websites in Canada. Canadian laws regarding this compound are less restrictive on the retailers and suppliers, meaning that it is easier to buy ephedrine from Canada. Brand such as Kaizen 8 mg and Synergenex 8 mg both satisfy FDA requirements for ephedrine products, but neither of these manufacturers operate in the USA for legal reasons. These supplements also can give you pure formulations of ephedrine hydrochloride without any unwanted second ingredients. Importing less than 7.5 grams of ephedrine into the US is legal for personal use and is a convenient way for many Americans to get their hands on these highly coveted diet pills.


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