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Stimerex ES with Ephedra Reviews

stimerex es reviewStimerex ES with ephedra by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is one of the highest rated weight loss supplements that you can buy today. Featuring 25 mg of herbal ephedra alkaloids with sida cordifolia extract, many people have used it to help them successful burn fat and trim their hips and thighs. Bodybuilders will also take Stimerex ES diet pills so they can cut weight at the same time as building muscle. However, it is important to note Stimerex ES with Ephedra product does not contain real ephedra so you should not buy it if that is what you are looking for. One of the ingredients used in this supplement is also now believed to be problematic when taken with ephedrine.

Each tablet of Stimerex ES (Extra Strength) with ephedra contained 25 mg of ephedra extract taken from the leaves of the sida cordifolia plant. This is another species of the ephedra plant which grows in India and is frequently used in the Ayurvedic medical tradition. Analysis of the alkaloid content of sida cordifolia shows that it does contain ephedrine and pseudoephedrine as its primary active chemicals, but in much smaller quantities than ephedra sinica or ma huang from China. That is what people mean when they say that Stimerex with ephedra does not use real ephedra.

The ephedrine alkaloid is the main chemical component of ephedra that makes it such an effective metabolic booster. Taking 25 mg of pure ephedrine HCL with caffeine three times a day has been proven to cause an average of 11.4 pounds of additional weight loss over six months. What is most important for any athletes or anyone training to build muscle is that ephedrine targets fat tissue to burn and protects muscle mass through something known as nutrient repartitioning. Even if you’re not looking to bulk up with ephedrine diet pills for women, you will be able to get a more toned look using this supplement while still dropping significant pounds.

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But before you rush out to buy Stimerex or any other “ephedra extract” supplement, you should know that very few of these actually contain ephedrine. In Stimerex and most other herbal ephedra fat burners, you will find that the ephedrine alkaloids have actually been removed to comply with FDA regulations. Following the FDA ban, the only way you can buy real ephedrine is by purchasing it in hydrochloride or sulfate format from a pharmacy. You will have to look in the “breathing remedy” aisle as ephedrine can only be currently marketed for asthma or allegery relief or as a decongestant. You can also buy ephedrine HCL online if you cannot find it in your local pharmacy.

stimerex es with ephedra 25mgHi Tech’s Stimerex also comes with 75mg Phenylethlamine in every pill, Theobroma cocoa extract, 25 mg of synephrine, green tea extract,150 mg of anhydrous caffeine and naringen. But the most surprising ingredient in this supplement stack is Yohimbe Bark Extract. For a long time, people thought that using ephedrine, caffeine, and yohimbe together in an ECY Stack was a good idea. However, now we know that there are very serious side effects possible with this combination. Another problem is that these compounds work in almost diametrical ways; some have described taking ephedrine with yohimbine to be like stepping on the gas and the breaks at the same time. For these reasons, you might be better off with a pure ephedrine supplement rather than a potentially unsafe combo-drug that you do not have control over.


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