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Can you Buy and Ship Ephedrine to US?

ship ephedrine to us

Can you ship ephedrine to the U.S

While ephedrine HCL is legal for sale in the United States of America, most users prefer to buy this supplement online and have it shipped to them instead. Ephedra (the herbal source of the ephedrine alkaloids) has been a controversial drug in the USA and around the world. As a result, there are numerous restrictions by the FDA on those who sell this supplement as well as on people who purchase it. However, some countries like Canada have lifted these restrictions making ephedrine legal as an OTC drug for certain ailments. The only rules are that it cannot be sold in pills containing more than 8 mg per dose and product labels cannot recommend use of more than 32 mg per day. Thus, ephedrine is legal to buy online from Canada where it is easy and safe to ship to the US

If you are wondering why this drug is restricted at such amounts and why it has to be used with caution, it has to do with the possibility of side effects at higher dose sizes. Most people believe that ephedrine and ephedra are totally restricted drugs and should not be taken at all. But this is not true: several academic studies have reported that you can safely take up to 120 mg of this compound in a single day. However, to be on the safe side most medical practitioners recommend dosages of less than 8 mg. The fact that the governments of Canada and the USA both allow ephedrine HCL to be sold at these dosages further supports the safety of this drug when taken with proper precautions .


Ephedrine is a “sympathomimetic” drug, which increases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system through indirect stimulation of certain receptors in the nerves, called the adrenergic receptors. In essence, ephedrine “mimics” the action of certain neurochemicals in the nervous system that can improve alertness, decreased gastric emptying, and provide stimulant effects. Among the most popular indications of ephedrine use is on weight loss and increase fat burning. This is based on the stimulation of the so-called thermogenesis process on the adipose (fat) tissue of humans. When you stimulate higher levels of thermogenesis, your metabolism is increased and you burn more calories and fat throughout your daily activities.

Ephedrine is also known to suppress the appetite by blocking hunger signals sent from your empty stomach to your brain. This makes it highly sought after by dieters and athletes/weight lifters in the US. However, because of the adverse effects of potential over-consumption of ephedrine, it is highly regulated in some countries like the US. In fact, most Americans still believe that ephedrine is illegal in the USA, but this is not the case. It is legal, but because it is so over-regulated, it can be difficult to actually buy it in retailer stores. If you cannot find pure ephedrine alkaloids at your local pharmacy, most people who use this supplement to support their diet regimen can still order it from Canada.

is it legal to ship ephedrine to usaAs stated earlier, Canada has placed restrictions on the sale of ephedrine but has never totally banned it. As long as the drug is produced in 8 mg per pill, marketed as a nasal decongestant and packaged in bottles of 50 pills each, these products are legal. Furthermore, Canada has not limited the amount of ephedrine that anyone can purchase at any given time. And unlike in the USA, you do not have to show your photo identification or verify your address to purchase popular brands like Kaizen and Synergenex Ephedrine. It is also completely legal to import as much as 7.5 grams of this compound from Canada into the USA according to DEA statutes.

Therefore, if you intend to buy ephedrine to be shipped to the US the best place to purchase it from is Canada. You should ideally look for online stores that sell other nutritional supplements along with ephedrine to ensure that they are legitimate providers. Also only purchase products from GMP approved manufacturing facilities like Kaizen and Synergenex. This will guarantee that you acquire high quality and genuine synthetic ephedrine with a standardized dose size per pill. Finally, you should review the legality of ephedrine importation to the state where you are located. Each state has its own limits and policies that you ought to know before you buy. This will save you from any problems that might be encountered when your purchase is delivered right to your door.


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