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pure ephedrine hclPure Ephedrine is a natural component of the ephedra family of plants, also known as the ma huang herb. It has been used for thousands of years in oriental medicine as a decongestant, a concentration booster, and to curb hunger cravings. In modern times, it is mostly used to increase the metabolism by which it can help anyone achieve significant weight loss results. Whereas much of the pure ephedra on the market came directly from the ephedra sinica plant, it is now much cheaper to purchase synthetic ephedrine that has been produced in a lab.

While ephedra diet products have been banned by most countries following a decision by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States of America, in 2007 the FDA made it legal to purchase ephedrine HCL. There are still limitations in place on how much pure ephedrine can be bought by a single individual and all tablets must be of an 8 mg dosage or less. Another important stipulation is that the suppliers of the drug are not allowed to promote it for its weight loss benefits. Instead, more manufacturers such as Kaizen, Synergenex, and Vasopro sell their ephedrine hydrochloride as a decongestant pill.

The reason pure ephedrine supplements are so effective at promoting weight loss is because the drug acts like the natural hormone adrenaline. In fact, this supplement is received by the adrenergic receptors in the body just the same way that noradrenaline and epinephrine are received. It triggers certain instincts in the body that tell your brain to raise its temperature through a process known as thermogenesis. In this higher metabolism state, the body burns calories and fat that it has stored in order to generate heat. By increasing the energy needs of the body, ephedrine results in substantial weight loss  in even short periods of time.

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In a series of clinical studies that looked at the effects of ephedrine HCL usage over the course of several 12 month periods, it was found that the drug can cause between 1 and 2 lbs additional fat burned in a month. Over the course of a year, that can add up to 12 to 24 pounds dropped. If you need to achieve weight loss even faster, you can use ephedrine in an EC Stack where you combine 25 mg of ephedrine with 200 mg of caffeine. This ratio creates even more energy needs within the body and can add an additional 10 pounds of weight loss through typical daily use.

pure ephedraDieters also like to use pure ephedrine because it naturally inhibits hunger cravings and allows you to consume fewer calories in a day than usual. Because the body’s natural instinct is to eat more than necessary thanks to years of evolutionary conditioning, it is hard for many people to follow along with a diet plan that can effectively limit your calories. But ephedrine helps block the signals in the brain that tell you that you need to eat by mimicking adrenaline. This hormone helps to suppress the appetite by triggering an equally instinctive reaction in the body known as the fight-or-flight reflex. When this reflex is triggered, your brain tells your body that it can exert itself at a higher energy output level without constantly needing to input more energy by eating more.

Ephedrine may cause side effects, but these most occur when mixing the substance with other drugs or when taking large amounts of the drug for extended time periods. Some of these side effects can include low blood pressure, nausea, interruption of sleep patterns, irregular heart palpitations, and anxiety. If you are currently being treated for any other medical conditions, you should always speak with your doctor to minimize the risk of possible harmful drug interactions. Always take pure ephedrine hydrochloride according to advised dosing guidelines and do not mix it with alcohol. You can achieve safe and lasting weight loss with ephedrine, but it’s important to be vigilant and if you do notice any adverse symptoms, discontinue your use immediately.


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