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Pseudoephedrine vs Ephedrine: Which Produces Better Weight Loss Results?

pseudoephedrine vs ephedrine weight loss side effectsIf you have been researching weight loss supplements online, you might have encountered the drugs pseudoephedrine and ephedrine as two of the most popular fat burning diet pills. But which is better for weight loss and weight control? Whether you simply want to cut those last few stubborn pounds or whether you’re a body builder or a performance athlete, these two substances can help you achieve your weight loss goals. But which is a more effective thermogenic? Which will help you lose weight faster and what other sort of effects and side effects can you expect with pseudoephedrine ephedrine HCL? Continue reading this article for more on the effectiveness of Pseudoephedrine vs Ephedrine.

Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are known to be sympathomimetic drugs originally derived from the ephedra or ma huang plant. They both have a wide variety of uses. The drugs can be found legally to buy online by people who are interested in weight loss options and who also want to enhance their physical abilities. Athletes are interested in boosting their physical performance and therefore they use these substances. Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are substances that boost an athletes’ alertness giving them a higher level of concentration. The substances are known to lower physical pain sensations allowing an athlete to perform better. The substances also raise blood pressure and increase the heart rate to prepare the body for intense physical activity. Health specialists have used them to treat bronchial problems as well as problems like difficulty in breathing. Both ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are substances that have demonstrated their effectiveness and efficiency for fat loss.

Ephedrine Weight Loss Results

Ephedrine has its uses in terms of helping a person lose weight and at the same time it boosts the thermogenesis process which eliminates body fat. People who have had problems losing weight can now use ephedrine and pseudoephedrine to suppress their appetite. People can begin to take controlled amounts of ephedrine to lose weight safely as well as control their weight long term.


Pseudoephedrine Weight Loss Results

Both Pseudoephedrine HCL and Pseudoephedrine Sulfate have demonstrated its use in terms of weight loss although is not as efficient and ephedrine it works better as a decongestant. It has its use in treating colds and in healing allergies. People suffering from nasal congestion can use a pseudoephedrine dosage to clear their bronchial passages. It’s highly recommended to use pseudoephedrine when wanting a relief from bronchial ailments and diseases from the same group.


Ephedrine vs. Pseudoephedrine

Pseudoephedrine dosage buy pseudoephedrine and ephedrine hcl online

Pseudoephedrine and ephedrine have a high number of uses. From these we might mention cold reliefs and weight loss. When taking one of the two drugs the instructions should be read carefully. It’s recommended to consult a doctor before you decide to buy ephedrine or buy pseudoephedrine. The doctor will check for hypertension and thyroid problems before prescribing the drugs. It’s known that pseudoephedrine can’t be ingested alongside tyramine supplementation and foods like beans, liver, cheese because the results may prove to be fatal. Seizures and palpitations may occur!

Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine Side Effects

Ephedrine and pseudoephedrine are beneficial in certain situations and for diet and weight loss but their use does not come without several side effects including: nervousness, restlessness, hypertension, sleep deprivation, rapid heart rate, migraines as well as other symptoms. If the substances taken aren’t dosed properly, large quantities of the drug consumed on an ongoing basis can lead to arrhythmia and heart problems. Both substances should be used only after checking with your doctor. The doctor will examine the patient’s past history and current medical records to decide whether it is safe to use one of these substances with respect to your medical history. If these two issues are ignored then serious health problems may arise.


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