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Pseudoephedrine and Ephedrine are Legal in Georgia

is ephedrine legal in GA stateDo you want to buy pseudoephedrine or ephedrine in the state of Georgia? These chemical alkaloids derived from the ephedra sinica herb are legal in Georgia, but certain restrictions apply to prevent them from being abused. In addition to state laws, you should also be aware of Food and Drug Administration regulations on the sale of ephedrine hydrochloride or ephedrine sulfate. We will examine those laws in this article and tell you how you can legally purchase ephedrine online for personal use in Georgia.

Understanding the laws pertaining to ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in Georgia calls for an understanding of the illegal Crystal Meth drug trade. These two stimulants are ingredients used in the production of methamphetamines – a highly problematic drug both in Georgia and across the United States. To prevent the conversion of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine into meth, the Georgia Code has adopted several policies that limit who these products can be sold to, how they can be sold, and how much can be bought in a given period. Many feel that these limitations are far too onerous for legitimate users of these herbally derived supplements, but they are necessary to combat illicit activity.

As a consumer, you are allowed to possess up to 9 grams or 300 pills of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine (so long as you do not possess these drugs with the intent to manufacture a controlled substance). The typical Kaizen or Synergenex Ephedrine bottle contains 50 pills of 8 mg ephedrine HCL, so that would amount to a limit of 6 bottles at a time. There are certain exemptions for pediatric solid dose and liquid ephedrine and pseudoephedrine as well as for products that have been prepared in such a way to prevent the production of methamphetamines or its precursors. This is why you will see many OTC ephedrine products mixed with an ingredient like guaifenesin rather than being sold in a pure formulation.


There are no specific laws in Georgia regarding the sale of ephedrine, but there are laws governing the sale of pseudoephedrine. For example, all pseudoephedrine sulfate or hydrochloride products must be kept behind the pharmacy counter and need to be dispensed by a store employee. Retailers can only sell single-ingredient products that are packaged in blister packs and there is a limit of 3 packages or 9 grams per single purchase. Retailers are also only allows to get their pseudoephedrine products from manufacturers or wholesalers that have been licensed by the GA Board of Pharmacy and additional requirements are implemented for these suppliers to follow.

where to buy ephedrine in georgiaPer federal law, pure ephedrine HCL is legal if sold in 8 mg or less doses and marketed as a decongestant or allergy remedy. The FDA has banned all ephedrine diet pills as well as ephedra supplements that contain ephedrine alkaloids. You can still buy ephedra extracts that have removed any traces of ephedrine, but the effectiveness of these products for weight loss is doubtful since ephedrine is the key active ingredient for fat burning. Under US law, you can buy a maximum of 9 grams of ephedrine in a 30 day period or 7.5 grams if purchasing from an online service or mail-order retailer.

If you cannot find real ephedrine HCL in your local drugstore or supplement shop in Georgia, you will likely have to look for ephedrine for sale online. You can buy ephedrine from Canada for as little as $10 a bottle and import it into the USA for personal use to improve health and wellness. In Canada, this supplement is less heavily controlled and is much easier to buy. Just make sure you do not exceed the 300 pill Georgia state possession limit and you will be in the clear!



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