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best products containing ephedrine hclWhen buying any dietary supplement, it is important to select a product with the right dosage to maximize your results. The same holds true with products containing ephedrine and ephedra diet pills which is why so many shoppers only look for supplements that contain the highest amounts of these thermogenic substances. But this might not be the best strategy. While it is true that having too little active ingredient means you won’t see your body fat drop fast enough to justify the cost, too high a could mean unwanted side effects that put your desired results at risk. This is why so many ultra-high dosage ephedrine products have now been banned by the FDA.

So under the current FDA regulations, what is the maximum amount of ephedrine that you can buy in a single package or pill? And what is the most effective dosage of ephedrine HCL to help you burn significant amounts of fat while minimizing adverse effects? For a long time, you could buy pills like Vasopro Ephedrine with 25 mg of alkaloids, Bolt Ephedrine also with 25 mg, and Efedrin Arsan with a whopping 50 mg. Some people would take as many as three of these capsules providing a total of 75 mg to 150 mg at once. These amounts are now recognized as dangerously unsafe and far too likely to cause side effects, so they have been removed from pharmacy and supplement store shelves.

Other herbal ephedra sinica weight loss products designed for bodybuilders or people who needed to drop a lot of weight at once typically contained between 30 mg ephedrine alkaloids and 50 mg. For example, Lipodrene, Hydroxycut, Xenadrine, Ripped Fuel, and Stacker 2 all fell into this range. But some stronger pills like EPH 30+ Extreme were calculated to give you as much as 75 mg of the metabolism boosting compound from sources like Ma Huang and the Sida Cordifolia plant. These suppliers have now all been made illegal in the USA because they contained excessively high amounts of ephedrine products.

So what is the maximum amount of ephedrine HCL alkaloids that you will find in a single pill? In the United States, each state has its own limitations that may restrict the amount you can buy. But on the federal level, products that have been approved include Kaizen Ephedrine and Synergenex Ephedrine which both feature 8 mg alkaloidal content per pill. This might not seem like very much compared to the now-illegal diet pills of the late 1990s which is why many bodybuilders will take between one and three pills in a single dose.

Several studies conducted in the USA and around the world have established that products with ephedrine are most effective when scheduled in 25 mg to 30 mg doses three times a day. It is even more powerful when combined with 200 mg of caffeine and half a standard aspirin in an ECA Stack ratio. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, average monthly weight loss with this combination is 2.2 lb per month (26 lb in a year). That is why the majority of users will take three pills at a time of Kaizen or Synergenex to reach this dosage level.

what contains ephedrineBut if you are just starting to use an ECA Stack for weight loss, you should not be put off by the inconvenience of having to take three pills instead of just one capsule of a product like Vasopro. The low-dose supplements actually allow you to build up your tolerance level by starting with one pill at a time and then increasing your dosage if you do not experience side effects. It is common to use 8 mg ephedrine for the first week, 16 mg for the second, 24 mg in the third through sixth and then to rest from the supplement for a period of six weeks.

What advantage does this pose for dieters and bodybuilders? Clinical trials have shown that side effects experienced with the ECA Stack are most prominent in the first three weeks of use. After this duration of time, your body builds up a tolerance to the stimulative effects of the drugs, but not to the metabolism boosting effects. This means that you will experience fewer side effects such as restlessness, anxiety, and insomnia but you will still burn the same amount of weight. By cycling your dosage and ramping it up slowly over time, you can actually improve the potential health benefits of ephedrine. This is only something that you can do with low-dosage 8 mg brands as opposed to 30 mg diet pills and products containing ephedrine.


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