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Metabodrene 356 Review – Ephedra Extract Diet Pill

does metabodrene 356 with ephedra workMetabodrene 356 from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is intended to be a modern day replacement for the number one selling Metabolife 356 that is no longer available. Ever since this fat burning supplement was banned by the FDA, users who achieved successful results with the original formula have been looking for an alternative ephedra supplement. But does Metabodrene 356 actually work? And how is this diet pill still legal if other ephedra diet products have been banned? Unfortunately for Americans who need to lose weight, Metabodrene 356 reviews say it is just a little bit too good to be true.

Metabodrene retails for an average price of $33.99 per bottle with 90 caplets in each packages. The recommended dosage is one pill taken three times a day with meals and water. Each pills contains a 730 mg proprietary blend of active components that consist of Guarana Seed, Acacia Rigidula Extract, Green Tea Extract, Yohimbe Extract, Citrus Aurantium, Gotu Kola, Theobroma Cocoa Extract, Phenylethylamine HCL, Lecithin, Ginger Root, Sarsaparilla root, Damiana Leaf, Bovine complex, Nettles leaf, Eleutherococcus senticosus root, Royal Jelly, Goldenseal, and Spirulina. In total, you get 25 mg of synephrine, 20 mg of caffeine, and 10 mg of ephedra extract in each pill.

As you can see, there are a lot of other ingredients in this supplement beyond just a standard ephedra and caffeine EC Stack. But the actual ephedra dosage is quite low at only 10 mg per tablet. For example, the original Xenadrine RFA came with a massive 335 mg of powdered ma huang (the most powerful type of ephedra) in every pill. However, the presence of so many other stimulants may make up for this deficit in ephedra. Compounds like synephrine and yohimbine are also adrenergic stimulants that can increase your fat metabolization, though there are some concerns about stacking these supplements with ephedra because they work in contradictory ways.

But the real question is, does Metabodrene 356 promote weight loss as effectively as the original Metabolife 356 with ephedra? According to Metabodrene 356’s own marketing, this weight loss supplement has “the same powerful ingredients that made Metabolife 356 with ephedra the #1 top seller year after year.” That should set off your scepticism meter right away; why would the FDA ban one product and not the other if they had the exact same bill of ingredients?

Metabodrene 356 claims to use natural herbs and synthetically created herbs to boost your metabolism, drastically raise your rate of thermogenesis, supress your appetite, and increase your physical and mental energy. All of these factors lead to significant weight loss in short periods of time when taking Metabodrene. While it is certainly true that ephedra can produce substantial fat loss results, this product DOES NOT contain real ephedra. That is why it is still legally sold in the USA.

When Metabolife 356 was taken off the market in 2004 by the FDA, they instituted a ban specifically on ephedra products that contained ephedrine alkaloids. These alkaloids are found organically in certain species of the ephedra plant that grows in Eastern Asia. Ephedrine alkaloids have been found to share similar properties to the body’s own adrenaline and when you take these alkaloids they can help you rapidly slim down and drop excess body fat. The presence of these alkaloids is what made Metabolife 356 so effective.

metabodrene 356 review compared to metabolife 356 dosageBut the FDA stepped in to ban herbal ephedrine sources from dietary supplements so that now you can only buy synthetic ephedrine HCL in approved OTC products. Ephedrine HCL is just as effective as natural ephedrine from the ephedra sinica plant, but it is much less likely to cause side effects because of how it is processed. The one caveat is that the nutrition supplement industry is no longer allowed to use even synthetic ephedrine HCL as an ingredient in their products so you can only purchase pure ephedrine from pharmacies and other approved retailers.

Supplements such as Metabodrene 356 with ephedra extract are able to avoid scrutiny by the FDA because they actually remove the ephedrine alkaloids from the ephedra. In fact, any diet pill that claims to contain ephedra extract does not have these necessary alkaloids in its constitution. The most adept analogy would be to coffee beans with the caffeine alkaloids removed. So when Metabodrene 356 claims to have the same ingredients that Metabolife had, this is categorically not true. Metabodrene is missing the single most important ingredient: ephedrine. Without this compound, your weight loss results will be severely limited unfortunately.


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