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Laws Regarding the Purchase of Ephedrine Diet Pills in Louisiana

is ephedrine legal in louisianaIs ephedrine legal in the state of Louisiana? Surprisingly, yes you can buy products containing pure ephedrine HCL – the active alkaloid from the ephedra sinica shrub – in Louisiana. This runs contrary to what much of the public actually thinks following the 2004 FDA Ban on ephedra in diet and weight loss supplements. But the FDA’s ruling still permits the sale of a certain class of ephedrine tablets marketed and labeled for sale as nasal decongestants and asthma relievers. Louisiana state law further institutes limits on the quantity of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine that you can buy as well as lays out a number of ordinances that pharmacies must follow in order to sell these naturally derived herbal compounds.

In Louisiana, ephedrine is classified under Schedule V status which means that it can only be dispensed by a Pharmacist over the counter, pharmacy technician, or another employee with approved status under the Pharmacy Board. These individuals have to undergo special training to ensure that ephedrine does not get into the wrong hands. You might think this is unnecessarily rigorous, but it has to do with the fact that ephedrine has a similar chemical structure to amphetamines. As a result, this compound is considered a precursor chemical that can be used in the synthesis of Crystal Meth. This has consequently meant more difficulty for individuals buying ephedrine hydrochloride for health purposes, but it is a necessary inconvenience.

In order to buy ephedrine in Louisiana, you will have to present valid government-issued ID and sign a sales transaction log that tracks your personal information. This information is kept in a real-time centralized computer system to monitor all sales of ephedrine and pseudoephedrine in the state. This system is used to ensure that no single person exceeds their maximum purchase limit of 9 g of ephedrine in a 30 day period. If you were to use this drug in an ECA Stack with caffeine and aspirin, typical dosages would be 25 mg taken three times a day. At that dose, 9 grams of ephedrine HCL would last you 120 days which is certainly more than enough! This limit does not apply to people with valid Doctor-issued prescriptions and only covers OTC sales.


The state of Louisiana also prohibits the marketing and labeling of ephedrine for uses that have not been approved by the FDA. They have also established a possession limit of 12 grams of ephedrine at any one time. However, this limit does not apply in cases when this stimulant is used in typical medicinal or household use. But if you are using ephedrine to help you burn fat and get in shape, you should definitely not need more than 12 g. at any one point in time.

ephedrine laws for sale in louisianaAs you can see, there are a lot of complexities to the legality of this powerful diet supplement in Louisiana. While it is legal to buy this drug in state, most Louisianans have taken to ordering their ephedrine online since popular brands such as Synergenex 8 mg are not available in state. 8 mg pills have been declared as safe for consumption by the FDA, and it is not until you reach the therapeutic index of 150 mg that more serious side effects are seen. If you cannot find a local store where to buy ephedrine in Louisiana, try searching for websites in Canada that will not require photo ID when purchasing this product. It is legal to ship ephedrine from Canada to the USA and thousands of people from coast to coast use this method to buy their diet pills that might not be available in local pharmacies.


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