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Is Ephedrine Legal?

is ephedrine legal for saleIs ephedrine legal to use as a diet pill? Ephedrine HCL is a powerful weight loss supplement with thermogenic metabolism-boosting effects and the ability to suppress the appetite. However, this effective fat burner is not available for sale in all countries across the world. Due to some risks associated with consumption of ephedrine, certain countries have restricted the availability of ephedrine hydrochloride over the counter. Other countries have imposed laws against the marketing of Ephedrine HCL as a weight loss product.

That being said, there are still many ways to buy legal ephedrine and use it to help you achieve your desired diet and weight loss goals. Ephedrine can be purchased as an ingredient in certain other weight loss pills or on its own as a treatment for other ailments. The following is a guide to how many people purchase Ephedrine online.

Is Ephedrine Legal as a Weight Loss Pill?

Selling ephedrine as a weight loss pill is illegal in most of the countries, such as in the United States and in Canada. Restrictions for purchase of ephedrine vary in different states of the USA in terms of dosage limits, standardization and monthly sale limit for sellers. In other countries such as the United Kingdom and in South Africa, it is legal to purchase ephedrine from a registered pharmacy, but only by providing a prescription from a doctor.

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However, even though in Canada ephedrine cannot be marketed as a diet tablet, there are few fat burning and thermogenic products containing ephedrine that can be found over the counter in health food and supplement stores. These products are not allowed to mention the inclusion of Ephedrine HCL in any of their promotional information or on their labels. Instead, these products will make reference to other known weight loss supplements and possess generic names.

Many of these products will come combined with other more expensive fat burning substances such as CLA and Raspberry Ketones so that ephedrine is not their main ingredient. This unfortunately means that they tend to be pricier. While ephedrine hydrochloride can be made more effective in combination with some of these other fat burners, part of the appeal of ephedrine to dieters and fitness enthusiasts is that it can be acquired quite cheaply. If you happen to fall into this category, you will likely not want to buy one of these unbranded ephedrine products.


Legally Buying Ephedrine in Other Forms

legal ephedrine weight loss products ephedrine hydrochlorideWhile Ephedrine on its own cannot be purchased as a weight loss supplement in the United States or Canada, it can be purchased as a treatment for hay fever. In the United States, the sale of Ephedrine as a hay fever drug is heavily regulated and subject to different restrictions depending on each state. In all cases, it is mandatory for the buyer to provide full details such as name, address, reason for purchasing the drug and identity proof. The law also makes it essential for the sellers to maintain records of ephedrine sales for two consecutive years. The government also imposes restrictions on the amount of ephedrine sold in a month. The same is applicable even for online stores.

In Canada, however, Ephedrine HCL can be purchased over the counter without any restrictions as a nasal decongestant. The ephedrine must be sold as an 8mg dose in order to be legal and the label cannot make any claims about weight loss effectiveness. It must be marketed and sold as a bronchodilator to relieve airway congestion. But, there is no need to provide personal information for tracking purposes and there are no limits to the number of pills that can be purchased Because of this reason, many dieters in the United States will choose to buy their ephedrine online from Canada.

Purchasing Ephedrine Online

Ephedrine is available to be shipped worldwide in a few online stores based out of Canada. It is recommended to only work with reputable online retailers that also sell other nutritional supplements alongside ephedrine. This is the best way to guarantee that you are purchasing pure ephedrine from a high quality and authenticated manufacturer. The recommended dosage of ephedrine in adults is one tablet containing no more than 8mg of ephedrine at a time and the dose per day should not exceed 24 mg in a day. If your country or state restricts usage of ephedrine then check the legality of importing the drug before you place your order. But in most cases, you will be able to purchase ephedrine HCL online and have it delivered to your house without any problems.


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