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Is Ephedrine Legal in the US in 2013?

is ephedrine legal in the us

Is Ephedrine Legal in 2013

Want to buy ephedrine for weight loss in the USA but not sure if it is legal? Even in 2013, we continue to see much confusion about this question in online weight loss and fitness communities. While the laws may change down the road, currently ephedrine is perfectly legal in the United States. But before purchasing this supplement, there are certain regulations you should be aware of concerning maximum quantity limits and what you need to do in order to buy it legally. In this article, we will give you all the information you need to answer the question “Is Ephedrine Legal in the US”.

Is Ephedrine legal in the US?

If ephedrine is legal, why do so many people think that it is illegal or banned by the FDA? That is because a related substance known as ephedra is banned in the USA. Ephedra is the plant from which the ephedrine chemical is derived and it was pervasive in fat burners and diet pills up until 2004. While many studies have shown that ephedra is highly effective at producing weight loss results, concerns were raised about its safety by the Food and Drug Administration. Following several high-profile overdoses on ephedra diet pills, the FDA stepped in and made the usage of this herbal compound illegal in diet pills in 2004.

However, several studies have shown that using ephedrine on its own is safe and may prevent some of the adverse effects of using the whole ephedra sinica plant. The ephedra herb contains multiple different alkaloids in addition to ephedrine; these include norephedrine, pseudoephedrine, and norpseudoephedrine. It is believed that the combination of these alkaloids can cause a greater number of side effects than when taking pure ephedrine by itself. A study conducted jointly by staff at Harvard and Columbia University found that taking less than 30 mg of ephedrine alkaloids is not associated with any serious side effects when used as directed. That is why this option is preferable for weight loss purposes.

Since pure ephedrine hydrochloride (HCL) was already highly prevalent in the heath product industry, many dieters switched to using these legally available pills as an alternative after the FDA banned ephedra. Furthermore, ephedrine HCL has been proven to produce slightly better weight loss results than ephedra sinica supplements. Under FDA regulations, ephedrine HCL is legal as an over-the-counter product in the USA but it has to be labelled for the purposes of relieving congestion or chest tightness. In other words, you will not find any diet or weight loss products containing ephedrine in their list of ingredients. That is why many Americans choose products like Primatene or Bronkaid to get real ephedrine alkaloids for weight loss.
However, these impure replacements really should not be used for weight loss as they contain other medicinal ingredients that can cause health problems if overused. Pure ephedrine HCL is a much safer option if your goal is to raise your metabolism and burn unwanted fat. The best pure supplement brands to look for are Kaizen Ephedrine, Synergenex, and 4Ever Fit – all of which supply an 8 mg pill which is considered legal under US law. You can then combine your pure ephedrine tablet with 200 mg of caffeine and a half dosage of Aspirin in an ECA stack to generate the best results.

In order to buy ephedrine in the USA you will have to comply with requirements set out by a 2005 law known by the acronym CMEA. According to CMEA, you have to be at least 18 years of age to purchase ephedrine without a prescription at a pharmacy. You will also have to show ID and sign a sales register that records your transaction for two years from the purchase date. This information is used to enforce the federal ephedrine maximum purchase limit of 9 grams in a thirty day period or 3.6 grams every day. So long as you are buying less than this allocated amount, it is completely legal to buy ephedrine HCL.

usa ephedrine laws 2013The CMEA law also creates a number of restrictions for US retailers who carry any products with ephedrine and manufacturers who provide these products. As a result, it can be hard to find Kaizen or equivalent brands for sale in many American states. That is why the vast majority of ephedrine purchased for use by Americans comes from the country of Canada where this compound is legal and not regulated as severely. According to US policy, you can ship up to 7.5 grams of ephedrine from Canada into the USA in a thirty day timeframe. That gives you up to 18 ¾ bottles of Kaizen ephedrine HCL 8mg that you could purchase every month and still be under the legal limit!

When purchasing this diet supplement for use in the United States, you will also have to be familiar with local laws in your specific state. Some states such as New York and Connecticut have very relaxed laws on the sale of ephedrine while others such as Arizona and California have more restrictions. However, it most cases so long as you are staying under the maximum possession limit and only buying this supplement for personal use, it is legal to buy ephedrine in the USA. Remember to be smart and stay safe when using any supplement as powerful as ephedra or ephedrine! Only use these stimulants as directed and combine them with a healthy lifestyle for optimal results.



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