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How to Use ECA Stack for Best Weight Loss Results

best eca stack resultsAre you curious about how to use an ECA Stack to help you speed up your potential weight loss results? Whether you’re an amateur bodybuilder who wants to get their body fat percentage down or just someone who wants to take their diet seriously, ECA offers you a lot of potential health and wellness benefits. Weight control is no doubt a problem that affects people all over the world and anything you can do to raise your metabolism can allow you to better combat this serious problem. Getting to your goal weigh has the potential to improve almost every aspect of our lives. Here is a look at how to use an ECA Stack to achieved the best weight loss results possible within the next month.

The Basics on Ephedrine

Ephedrine alkaloids were first derived from the Chinese plant Ma Huang in the 1920s. It is found both synthetically and naturally in some dietary supplements, prescription cold remedies, asthmatic aid products, over-the-counter herbal stimulants, and even illicit drugs. For over two thousand years, it has also been used to treat chills, bronchial asthma, colds, headache, aching joints, aching bones, nasal congestion, edema, wheezing and cough. In the west, it is used to stimulate the nervous system. The stem of a Ma Huang herb contains various active compounds such as essential oils and the alkaloids pseudoephedrine and ephedrine.

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By itself, ephedrine hydrochloride is a very potent amphetamine-like compound. If abused, it can have some potentially dangerous side effects. If used properly, it offers a wide range of weight loss benefits acting on several different levels at once. These effects can include serious appetite suppression, increased conversion of fat deposits into easier to burn fatty acids, significantly higher energy levels, but most importantly massive additional caloric expenditure through something known as thermogenesis. Thermogenesis basically makes your body burn more fat and calories than it would by raising your internal temperature just a few points of a degree higher. For the most part, studies regarding the benefits of ephedrine and its potential effects on weight loss showed promising results with little to no side effects.

Why Add Caffeine to Ephedrine?

Combined with a stimulant like caffeine, ephedrine can induce weight loss twice as fast by increasing fat metabolism causing greater norepinephrine release. Think of norepinephrine like the key that unlocks fat tissue stored in areas like the lovehandles, hips and thighs. Norepinephrine attacks these particular areas so that your body gets a higher percentage of its energy needs from unwanted fat instead of just quickly burning off blood sugar. But your body actually has a defense mechanism to protect your fat deposits by limiting the amount of norepinephrine you produce.

Caffeine blocks the receptors in your body that measure your norepinephrine levels. In essence, it can turn off the body’s self-regulating ability so that you produce even more of this vital adrenergic hormone. That means you drop fat even faster than if you were to use ephedrine by itself. Aspirin is also added to the stack to further enhance the symbiotic effects of these two supplements acting together.

The majority of the weight loss observed when using an ECA Stack is anti-catabolic which means it is muscle sparing. In other words, ECA targets fat while protecting lean muscle mass which actually helps you burn more calories. Taking ephedrine on its own does not provide as much nutrient partitioning to protect your muscles. In fact, one study that conducted a direct comparison of an ECA Stack vs. pure ephedrine found that those taking ECA lost 50% more fat weight than those who did not use caffeine and aspirin.

How to Use ECA Stack for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders deal with two key phases in their programs: a bulking phase and a cutting phase. In the bulking phase, they work on building as much muscle mass as possible to leave room for when they begin the cutting phase. They appear more rounded and less cut, and inevitably have a good bit of fat left over from eating more than their daily calorie intake. The ECA stack comes in during the cutting phase wherein they have to decrease their body fat percentage safely and efficiently. If they cut too quickly, they can lose a lot of hard-earned muscle mass. With a supplement like the ECA stack on their side, their results are doubled, or even tripled. By consuming a supplement that targets fat more than any other substance in the body, they can accomplish the cutting phase with minimal muscle loss and maximum fat burning results.

Take Ephedrine, Caffeine, and Aspirin to Overcome a Plateau

If you exercise regularly, you’ll know what a plateau is. It’s basically a stage wherein your workouts don’t really do you any good or bad; they just maintain your body condition. Those first few months when you drop lots of weight are often followed by a frustrating period where you can’t seem to make any further changes. Some people try to surpass the plateau by altering their workouts or using more intense training schedules. But not everyone sees the same results from this method. Using the ECA stack to overcome that plateau is a much better option because it modifies your metabolic system to combat some of the natural limits that the body otherwise imposes on itself to protect its fat balance.

Rapid Weight Loss with ECA

how to use eca stack dosageAre you getting prepared to hit the beach next summer with the best possible body? The ECA stack is great for those sprint fat burning efforts before a big event. While it does not work overnight, it can dramatically speed up your natural results. However long you have to lose weight, you’re guaranteed to experience superior results with this trusted supplement. That’s because the ECA Stack when taken properly will raise your basal metabolic rate so that you are expending more calories even when you’re not actively exercising.

The Right ECA Stack Dose

Each person may see different results with the same ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin dose so suggesting one program to work for everyone is a difficult task. That being said, there are general practices that will help you improve your results as well as things that you should always avoid. Several studies have established dosages and ratios that are accepted as fairly universal strategies, but you should ideally consult a medical professional or trainer who can give you personalized advice. The recommended quantity ratio is 1:8 when portioning your ephedrine and caffeine. For most people, using 25 mg of ephedrine HCL to 200 mg of anhydrous caffeine will produce the best outcome.

Prevent ECA Supplement Stack Side Effects

It’s no secret that ephedrine can cause bad side effects if it’s abused. Taking this supplement alongside caffeine and aspirin can make these side effects even worse if you do not know what you’re doing. That being said, even studies from Harvard and Columbia Universities have concluded that ECA Stacks are safe if used properly. A couple suggestions are to drink sufficient amounts of water with your stack, never go over the recommended dosage, and start with a smaller amount to scale up over at least three or four weeks. So long as you cycle off these compounds after four to six weeks and do not use them continuously for long periods, you should be able to avoid serious problems. As always, speak to your doctor to make sure you are healthy before beginning any supplementation regimen.


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