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How to Legally Buy Ephedrine HCL in New Jersey, USA

can you buy ephedrine diet pills in new jerseyWhile ephedra weight loss pills were made illegal in the United States by the FDA in 2004, ephedrine HCL remains legal subject to certain guidelines. Ephedrine is the cardinal alkaloid found in the ephedra plant and it has been recognized as providing legitimate health benefits. This is why the FDA continues to allow certain OTC products with this renowned ingredient for sale across the US and in the state of New Jersey. In addition to FDA rules, most states have independently developed legislation controlling the sale and possession of this fat burning alkaloid.

Comparatively speaking, the legal status of ephedrine hydrochloride is quite favorable in New Jersey. It is legal to buy ephedrine without a prescription in this state and there are far fewer regulations on the books for retailers and suppliers of these supplements. This laxity is someone counterbalanced with a stricter maximum purchase limit. New Jersey lawmakers have instituted a single transaction limit of three packages of ephedrine with no more than nine grams total per purchase.

Interestingly, the law does not set out any provisions preventing the number of transactions you can make in a day, but you will still have to follow with federal guidelines on this matter. According to US law, you can buy up to 3.6 g of ephedrine per day and up to 9 g in a 30 day period. Also under federal law, you have to be at least 18 years old before you can buy these products and you must show photo ID. Your name and address will be registered in a sales tracking database with the details of your transaction stored for at least 2 years.

Another important thing to consider is that in New Jersey there is a possession limit of 10 packs of any ephedrine product or 30 grams total, whichever comes first. If you go over this limit, it is considered “permissive interference by trier of fact” that you had intent to use ephedrine for an illegal purpose such as manufacturing controlled drugs. In other words, it is a bad idea to stock up on all your ephedrine HCL pills for a year at one time!

laws ephedrine shipping and importing to new jerseyEven though this compound is legal in New Jersey, it is very difficult to buy pure ephedrine hydrochloride at pharmacies and other retail stores. Almost all major brands like Bronkaid, Primatene, and Ephedrine Plus mix their ephedrine with other medicinal ingredients that are required in states like Arizona and Missouri. To avoid formulating different products for the few states that allow single ingredient ephedrine to be sold, these suppliers ship the same ephedrine drug combos all across the country.

However, you can buy ephedrine HCL online and get high quality pure supplements from companies such as Kaizen, 4Ever Fit or Synergenex. These supplements are shipped from Canada where it is legal to sell single-ingredient ephedrine in 8 mg doses per pill. It is also legal to import ephedrine from Canada into New Jersey up to 7.5 g in a 30 day duration. You can then add caffeine and aspirin to your ephedrine or take it on its own to provide multiple health benefits and effects.


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