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How Much Ephedrine Can You Buy? Maximum Purchase Limits in the USA

how much ephedrine you can buyHow much ephedrine HCL can you purchase and take for personal use in the US? In most states across the US, ephedrine HCL is legal but there are limits on the amount you can buy in any given period of time. These maximum purchase quotas vary greatly from state to state, so you should look up where you live on this site to see the specific laws for your local jurisdiction. But no matter where you reside, you will have to comply with federal laws and buying limits imposed by the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA) of 2005. This law creates restrictions both on retailers and consumers to ensure that no ephedrine supplements purchased are used in the manufacturing of illegal compounds.

For legitimate personal use, CMEA establishes a daily purchase limit of 3.6 grams of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine base regardless of the number of transactions. If you take a typical dose size product like 8 mg Kaizen Ephedrine HCL, that would allow you to buy nine bottles without going over the limit. There is also a 30 day maximum limit of 9 grams base in regulated products if you are purchasing in person at a pharmacy or otherwise approved retail outlet. Should you order your ephedrine supplements online or by mail-order, the 30 day limit is reduced to 7.5 grams (or 18 bottles of Kaizen).


Most bodybuilders and dieters who are purchasing ephedrine to help them lose weight will find these limits more than sufficient. However, it is important not to stock up on too much of this supplement at once to avoid triggering these possession limits. If you were to exceed the maximum amount, it would be considered a misdemeanor possession offense under Section 21 USC 844a of the US Legal Code.

In order to enforce these maximum quantities, CMEA requires merchants to tracks and record all sales of how much ephedrine or pseudoephedrine products are sold. You must show a government issued photo ID upon purchasing pills with these substances and you will have to sign a sales log sheet. Retailers must also record the names and addresses of all purchases and keep this information for at least two years. Some states have instituted real-time electronic transaction databases that have to be checked before sellers can dispense the supplements.

Under CMEA, Ephedrine and Pseudoephedrine products have to be kept off store shelves and placed either in locked cabinets or behind the counter. All retailers and employees have to go through a special training program and any suspicious purchases or thefts of these compounds need to be reported to the Attorney General’s office. Furthermore, non-liquid products with these compounds have to be packaged in single pill dose blister packs which provide a separate compartment for every pill.

usa maximum amount of ephedra These purchase limits are a matter of some controversy as they have on occasion resulted in legal proceedings against legitimate users of these drugs. The very first arrest made on the basis of this law was on a man named Tim Naveau in September 2006. Naveau was taken into custody on a Class B misdemeanor when he went over the limit for purchasing Claritin D – an allergy medication containing pseudoephedrine. Naveau explained that he was stocking up on the medicine for his son who was going away for several months on a church camp trip, but he was still charged.

There is another option for those who are uncomfortable buying the supplement in the USA and having their private information recorded. You can also legally import ephedrine into the US from other countries like Canada. When you buy ephedrine from Canada, you do not have to sign a sales record or show photo ID. The DEA has laid down a maximum import amount of 7.5 grams per 30 days for personal use, so make sure you do not exceed this amount. If you do buy ephedrine from another country and have it shipped to you, you will still have to comply with local possession limits so make sure you are aware of these before placing an order.


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