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Review: Hellfire Eph 150 – A High Dosage Ephedra Metabolic Booster

hellfire eph 150

Hellfire Eph 150

If you’re looking for a legal fat burner with the highest possible dose of ephedra, then Hellfire EPH 150 by Innovative Labs might have piqued your interest. This supplement promises a colossal 150 mg of ephedra extract which is six times what the average diet pill contains today. It is certainly not intended for first-time ephedra users, but it is a favorite of amateur bodybuilders and performance athletes who want to train harder and cut weight faster. If you have some experience using ephedra extract diet pills and want to take it up a notch then read below to see if Hellfire Eph 150 mg is right for you.

Hellfire Eph 150

Each bottle of Hellfire comes with an MSRP of $33.33 and contains 100 capsules. A serving is considered one capsule and you will typically take between one to three servings in a day either 30 minutes before meals or as a pre-workout energy booster. Hellfire contains 150 mg of what its manufacturers call Ephedran which is a trademark-protected brand specific type of ephedra extract. Considering that many other diet pills will only give up 10 to 75 mg of extract, this is a massive amount and it explains why some people call this the strongest ephedra product you can legally buy.
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Each capsule also contains 150 mg of caffeine making this supplement an EC Stack. Caffeine has been shown to lengthen the metabolic effects of ephedra alkaloids causing approximately 75% more weight loss than ephedra on its own. You will also find EGCG, Evodiamine, Geranium oil, and DMAA in every Hellfire Eph 150 diet pill. All of these ingredients further enhance the stimulant benefits of the EC Stack, producing better fat burning results and ensuring that your blood sugar levels are steady and do not spike.

But before you run out to buy Hellfire Eph right now, let’s take a closer look at the type of ephedra that this pill uses. Since the supplement uses a trademarked blend of ephedra extract called Ephedran we have no way of telling which ephedra plant is used in this formulation. Not all ephedra herbs are created equally when it comes to promoting weight loss. Some plants such as Ephedra Nevadensis or Ephedra Viridis have been proven inert because they do not contain any ephedrine – the alkaloid which is responsible for burning fat. Instead, you always want to look for supplements that contain real ma huang or ephedra sinica because these products will give you the highest levels of ephedrine alkaloids.

ephedra reviews hellfireSo what ephedrine dosage does Hellfire Eph 150 contain? FDA analysis has shown that this product has NO ephedrine alkaloid content in it at all. That means if you’re looking for a product to replace the original Stacker 2 or Lipodrene then this won’t compare. Both of these products were based on the fat burning-power of real ephedrine and not inert ephedra extract. But Hellfire does contain quite a few other stimulant ingredients and it will certainly pump you full of lots of energy. Just check out some of the user reviews on other bodybuilding communities to learn more.

As for boosting norepinephrine levels and increasing your lipid metabolization, you are better off with purchasing pure ephedrine HCL to use in addition to Hellfire or on its own. You can legally buy ephedrine HCL in most countries such as the US, UK, and Canada, but you have to purchase it as a nasal decongestant or a bronchodilator instead of as a diet pill. Then, just combine your ephedrine alkaloids with a pure caffeine tablet and you will be blasting away unwanted fat deposits in no time!


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