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ephedrine supplementsEphedrine supplements come in different forms that you can use in order to gain possible health benefits from. Ephedrine products have proven highly effective for losing weight, energy production, and building lean muscle mass in order to stay fit with a well proportioned body mass index. But what is this compound derived from? Ephedrine is known as an alkaloid, which is a naturally nitrogen based chemical group of compounds that can be extracted from herbal plants such as ephedra. Then when the extract has been synthesized it becomes either Ephedrine Sulfate or Ephedrine HCL (hydrochloride). Here are some of the different forms you can buy ephedrine HCL supplements and products in to help you decide which diet pill is best for you.

Alkaloids Obtained from Ephedra Extracts

Ephedra is an herb that has been found to be potent in its content of alkaloids, and this is where the now famous diet pills have. However, just like any dietary supplement there are fake ephedra products out there that have good advertisement and labeling, but poor materials and quality.

Determining whether an ephedra extract is legitimate or not is pretty simple: look at the composition of the extract that is found inside of the supplement. For example, any product could claim to be great, but then upon further observation of the active ingredients you find that the pure ephedra extract content is only 2% of standardized alkaloids! This is very low and will most likely do nothing for you. Instead look for a supplement that contains at least 10% of the ephedra extract standardized alkaloids, or instead switch to HCL form.

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You should know that there are many different versions of the ephedra plant and some of these fake supplements might sell you the wrong one and tell you that it’s actually real ephedra. When someone asks for “Real Ephedra” they’re actually asking for ma huang or ephedra sinica – a species of the plant that grows in Asia. This herb is the one so well known for causing increased fat burning. It works because it has the highest content of ephedrine – the active chemical ingredient – across all species of this plant. Some other versions don’t have any ephedrine in them at all such as Ephedra Nevadensis or the plant known as “Mormon Tea”.

However, many diet products will contain these inactive versions of the ephedra plant as a way to get around legal restrictions regarding ephedra sinica. The fact is, without ephedrine none of these supplements will actually produce the kind of results you want. You need to make sure that your ephedra supplement actually comes with this all-important alkaloid or you might as well save your money!

Ephedrine Sulfate Availability

ephedrine hcl supplementsThere is one thing that research has done with chemical compounds, and that is making them more stable in order to be absorbed into the body better. That is what has happened when you find ephedrine supplements in sulfate form because they have taken the compound and attached it to another particle. But what does this all mean to you? This means that the alteration is not very stable for you to use as a dietary supplement, and the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has even deemed it as unsafe for use as a dietary supplement, although people do still use it around the world.

The reason why is because it can increase your heart rate and blood pressure levels to significant readings, which could cause unwanted or dangerous side effects to occur such as a stroke. Ephedrine Sulfate does not really work as a fat burner the same ways as ephedrine HCL works, and the sulfate form is actually only used mainly for medical reasons such as relieving bronchitis. Never mix ephedrine sulfate with a substance containing caffeine!

Ephedrine HCL Supplements

This is the form that you should usually consider for any weight loss and bodybuilding needs that you may have in mind. This is a compound that has been mixed with other ingredients such as EC/ECA stacks. The purpose of it is to effect your nervous system into stimulation of the CNS (Central Nervous System) and SNS (Sympathetic Nervous System), which is anatomy and physiology terms for things such as your brain and spinal cord. All of these functions regulate everything in your body, and that is why ephedrine HCL supplements are great to consider.

Some health benefits that may derive from ephedrine supplements are weight loss, lean muscle gains, appetite suppression, and changes in your mood as well. Ensure that you find and use only high quality forms of any type of ephedrine supplements because anything less will most likely not even work for you. The way you do this is by simply comparing products and reading the ingredients. Always do this for any weight loss pill or ephedrine products that you consider buying online!


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