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Ephedrine Laws as of 2013 in the State of Oregon

is ephedrine legal in oregonIt’s no secret that ephedra has widespread use as a weight loss supplement in the state of Oregon. But considering the controlled nature of ephedra supplements by the FDA, you might be wondering where to buy it legally in Oregon. Recently, more people use pure ephedrine (the active component of ephedra) from synthetic sources to boost their metabolism instead of herbal ephedra sinica. Ephedrine HCL is believed to be safer than ephedra plant supplements by removing some of the other alkaloids that can interfere with each other.

In Oregon, ephedrine HCL is legal for sale but all products have to be labeled as nasal decongestants or asthma breathing remedies. You will also need a prescription from your doctor in order to purchase it in state. There are no OTC sales of products with ephedrine or pseudoephedrine which means you cannot even buy the popular Bronkaid, Primatene, or Sudafed without a prescription. There is also a 9 g. possession limit per person with a household exemption for amounts of less than 24 g.

Contrary to what most people believe, this policy was not implemented out concern for potential side effects from taking ephedrine hydrochloride for weight loss. Its goal is actually to curb the trafficking of illegal drugs in Oregon, some of which can use ephedrine as an ingredient. That is why under federal law you have to show ID and sign a sales log whenever you purchase products that contain either ephedrine or pseudoephedrine alkaloids. Your information is then stored for a minimum of two years to make sure that you never exceed the enforced maximum purchase limit.

ephedrine legality and laws in oregonThe preponderance of dieters and weight lifters who buy ephedrine in Oregon will actually purchase it online from Canadian stores. Ephedrine is legal as an OTC product in Canada so long as it is packaged in 8 mg doses and labeled as a hayfever or cold remedy. That means you will not find it in the weight loss aisle of Canadian supplement shops, but supplements like Kaizen and Synergenex can still be found with relative ease. These products are often sold together with a bottle of pure caffeine to make an ECA Stack which is known to be the most effective way of taking your ephedrine dosage.

Many Oregon residents who buy ephedrine HCL from Canada often believe that they are actually doing something illegal by purchasing it online. US law quite clearly allows for online and “mail order” purchases of this compound, though they are subject to additional restrictions. While you can buy up to 9 g. of ephedrine base per 30 days at a pharmacy, you can only buy 7.5 g. when having it shipped to your house. 7.5 g. is also the maximum limit for importing this substance into the US for personal use. That gives you a maximum amount equivalent to more than 18 bottles of Kaizen ephedrine from Canada!


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