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Ephedrine For Sale In USA: Is Ephedrine HCL Legal in the US?

ephedrine for sale in usaIs it legal to buy ephedrine for sale in the USA? The legal status of Ephedrine and Ephedra has been a matter of some controversy in the United States over the last decade. One of the byproducts of this controversy is that many individuals do not even know if it is legal or not to buy pure ephedrine HCL and diet supplements containing these ingredients. While ephedra was banned by the FDA in 2004, ephedrine for sale in USA is legal. However, it’s sale is controlled by certain regulations put in place by the federal government as well as individual restrictions by most states.

When you buy ephedrine hydrochloride in the USA, you must purchase it in pill doses of less than 8 mg. Ephedrine HCL 25 mg products are strictly regulated across the country as doses that large can be unsafe when taken multiple times a day. Another restriction found in every state across the country is that you must provide your name, address, and purpose for taking ephedrine when you buy the product. This can be frustrating for those who do not like this information to be shared with the government, but the Congress mandates this to prevent individuals from buying more than a specific amount every month. The final restriction is that the drug cannot be marketed for its weight loss benefits according to the Food and Drug Administration. Instead, it has to be sold and labelled as a hayfever remedy or a nasal decongestant for allergies and colds.

Beyond these stipulations, each state may place additional requirements or controls on the sale of the herbal supplement. If you are wondering whether ephedrine HCL is legal in your state, you can view the map provides below to find out. Fortunately, even if ephedrine is not legal for sale in your state or subject to restrictions, in most cases you can still buy ephedrine online from Canada. Purchasing ephedrine from Canada ensures that you are still getting a legal and government-approved product without paying the overly-expensive taxes and surcharges levied by most international suppliers.

*Update: recently surveyed the laws of all 50 states in the USA to determine if there was any state that outright banned all ephedrine. In fact, not a single state had done so. Furthermore, possession of ephedrine HCL is legal across the USA with some variation in possession limits. While the policy below refers to whether you can buy this alkaloid OTC at your local pharmacy, even if it is not available for sale near you, the DEA has established that every American can import up to 7.5 g. of Ephedrine per month from Canada into the USA for personal purposes. You can click on your state name below for more information about the law in your state.


Ephedrine In Alabama: The drug is not subject to any additional restrictions in Alabama.

Is Ephedrine Legal In Alaska: Ephedrine is legal for sale in the state of Alaska.

Buying Ephedrine In Arizona: The supplement can be purchased without any additional requirements in Arizona.

Ephedrine For Sale In Arkansas: The product is not legal for sale in the state of Arkansas.

Ephedrine HCL Legal Status in California: No ephedrine or ephedra products can be sold in California.

Can You Buy Ephedrine In Colorado: There are no restrictions on buying the supplement in Colorado.

Ephedrine HCL Laws In Connecticut: Residents of Connecticut are able to purchase ephedrine, but will likely not find it in supplement stores due to FDA rules.

Ephedrine In Delaware: It is legal to buy ephedrine HCL in Delaware… And tax free!

Is Ephedrine Legal In Florida: Anyone can purchase the herbal supplement in Florida if they provide their name and contact information.

Ephedrine For Sale In Louisiana: Louisiana has made it illegal to sell any ephedrine alkaloids, including ephedrine hydrochloride.

Ephedrine HCL Legal Status in Maine: Mainers can buy ephedrine if it is sold in 10 mg or less tablets.

Can You Buy Ephedrine In Maryland: The product is not subject to legal restrictions in the great state of Maryland

Ephedrine HCL Laws In Massachusetts: Massachusetts has also declared Ephedrine safe for consumption and has not created any state laws to regulate it.

Ephedrine In Michigan: If you live in Michigan, you can buy up to 12.5 mg of the drug when sold as a decongestant.

Is Ephedrine Legal In Minnesota: Similarly, Minnesota does not allow the sale of ephedrine in doses larger than 12.5 mg.

Buying Ephedrine In Mississippi: You will only have to satisfy FDA requirements if you wish to buy the pill in Mississippi.

Ephedrine For Sale In Missouri: You can buy up to 10 mg per pill doses of ephedra products such as ephedrine in this state.

Ephedrine HCL Legal Status in Montana: Montana will not allow you to buy ephedrine in larger than 12.5 mg doses and requires that it be sold in soft gel format.

Can You Buy Ephedrine In Nebraska: The product is not legal to be sold in the state of Nebraska.

Ephedrine HCL Laws In Nevada: You can find the supplement available over-the-counter in Nevada, but you must provide your name, address, and reason for using it when you buy.

Ephedrine In New Hampshire: Ephedrine hydrochloride is legal for sale in this North-Eastern state.

Is Ephedrine Legal In New Jersey: Yes, you can buy ephedrine HCL in New Jersey with no state-enforced restrictions.

Buying Ephedrine In New Mexico: The state government of New Mexico has made it illegal to sell the drug here.

Ephedrine For Sale In New York: The product has a confirmed legal status in New York where thousands of people use it to lose weight.

Ephedrine HCL Legal Status in North Carolina: Only ephedrine products with less than 12.5 mg of alkaloid are found in drug stores in this state.

Can You Buy Ephedrine In North Dakota: While it may not be found in many supplement stores in North Dakota, it is perfectly legal to use the drug.

Ephedrine HCL Laws In Ohio: Do not expect to find ephedrine for sale in Ohio as the state government has banned it.

Ephedrine In Oklahoma: Oklahoma has also banned the sale of all ephedra products in suit with the FDA’s 2004 ruling.

Is Ephedrine Legal In Oregon: The product is not legal in any format in the state of Oregon.

Buying Ephedrine In Pennsylvania: If you are 18 years or older, you can buy ephedrine in Pennsylvania.

Ephedrine For Sale In Rhode Island: This state has banned ephedra extract, but it is legal to buy pure ephedrine alkaloids in line with FDA regulations.

Ephedrine HCL Legal Status in South Carolina: There are no restrictions to buying or using the substance in South Carolina.

Can You Buy Ephedrine In South Dakota: South Dakota has also made it legal to buy ephedrine in their state.

Ephedrine HCL Laws In Tennessee: Tennessee will allow you to buy ephedrine, but only in 8 mg doses.

Ephedrine In Texas: Texas has also placed dosage limitations on the sale of ephedrine with a maximum of 12.5 mg per pill.

Is Ephedrine Legal In Utah: The supplement is legal and can be found over-the-counter in Utah.

Buying Ephedrine In Vermont: No state regulations exist in Vermont to prevent the sale of the drug.

Ephedrine For Sale In Virginia: You can buy the product in Virgina, but will still have to comply with FDA regulations.

Ephedrine HCL Legal Status in Washington: The drug has been banned for sale in Washington, but many people still import it from Canada to help them burn fat.

Can You Buy Ephedrine In West Virginia: This state does not place any additional requirements on the sale of the chemical alkaloid.

Ephedrine HCL Laws In Wisconsin: Ephedrine is also completely legal for sale in the state of Wisconsin.

Ephedrine In Wyoming: You can purchase the herbal supplement in Wyoming, but only in small doses and only as a decongestant.




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