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Ephedrine Canada: Can you Order Ephedrine HCL From Canada to USA?

ephedrine canadaIf you live in the US and want to buy ephedrine from Canada, you might be confused about the legal status of purchasing this supplement. The ephedra weight loss market has been mired in controversy the last decade due to certain products containing unsafe dosages of this fat burning compound. However, the FDA now considers 8mg doses of ephedrine HCL safe for personal use. It is legal to possess and use ephedrine according to federal laws, but there are certain restrictions that must be met. That is why many Americans are curious about the question, “Is Ephedrine legal in Canada”?

Is Ephedrine Legal in the US?

Most of the USA legal restrictions on the sale of ephedrine HCL are placed on the retailers and manufacturers of over-the-counter ephedrine products. For this reason, it can be difficult to actually find pure ephedrine hydrochloride for sale in the US. Different states will also have their own laws regarding the sale of ephedrine with some states being much stricter than others. One of the countrywide requirements for anyone purchasing this derivative from the ephedra sinica herb is that you must provide photo ID and sign an electronic register when ordering the pills. Your information will then be kept for 36 months to prevent any individual from purchasing too much ephedrine HCL at once. This has less to do with the weight loss industry and more to do with preventing this drug from falling into the hands of those organizations that may use ephedrine to produce certain other illegal chemicals.

Ephedrine Canada Legal Status

However, the end result is that most bodybuilders and even casual dieters can only buy ephedrine online from websites in Canada. In Canada, ephedrine is legal when purchased in 8mg doses and labelled as a hayfever treatment or decongestant. There is no requirement to provide your ID when buying the supplement and fewer limitations on the quantities that you can purchase. The two main Canadian brands are Synegernex Ephedrine and Kaizen Ephedrine. Both are recognized as high quality pills that can be purchased for less than $10 a bottle according to users of ephedrine Canada wide.
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But many Americans who buy ephedrine HCL online often worry that they are doing something illicit just by purchasing the product from Canada and importing it into the country. The US Drug Enforcement Agency has specifically published an online resource with information on how to legally ship ephedrine to the United States. You should know that so long as you are importing less than 7.5 grams of the substance for personal use in a thirty day period, it is completely legal.

To give you an idea, 7.5 grams of ephedrine hydrochloride with 8 mg per pill amounts to 937.5 pills – surely enough to get you through the month! A standardized bottle of Synergenex Ephedrine or Kaizen contains only 50 pills, so you could import up to 18 bottles at a time. When you ship the product into the US at these small quantity levels, you do not have to fill out any paperwork relating to an import quota. Quota paperwork requirements only need to be met by those importing ephedrine for legitimate purposes in quantities larger than 7.5 g per month. For example, medical companies or research institutions may sometimes need to complete these requirements.


importing ephedrine canada

Not only is importing ephedrine from Canada legal, it also tends to be very cheap. America’s neighbour to the north makes the ideal place to buy quality assured supplements from thanks to the rigorous approval procedure conducted by Health Canada. You should always check your state or local laws before buying ephedrine HCL for import to make sure that no other jurisdiction prevents you from legally buying ephedrine. That way, the next time you buy ephedrine from Canada, you can be assured that US law is perfectly on your side!


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