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Ephedrine for Bodybuilding in Pre-Workout Supplements

ephedrine for bodybuilding and energyTaking pre-workout supplements with ephedrine for bodybuilding has demonstrated very positive effects on energy levels and muscle preservation even as you burn fat and cut weight. Many people do not know this, but ephedrine HCL mimics the effects of the human body’s natural adrenalin hormone. For this reason, ephedrine is an ideal pre-workout supplement considered a sympathomimetic amine under scientific terminology. When released into the blood stream, it activates receptors in the brain and in other parts of the body the same way that an adrenalin rush would. This makes it a highly effective supplement for raising energy levels and improving the intensity of your workouts.

Ephedrine is an alkaloid compound found naturally in the ephedra sinica herb which is also known as ma huang. For centuries, ephedra was used in Oriental civilizations as a powerful medicinal treatment. They used it to release sinus pressure, open the lung airways, improve circulation, and to increase energy. In modern times, bodybuilders and athletes will turn to ephedra to help them enhance their cardiovascular output so they can work out at higher intensities for longer durations.

Ephedrine for Bodybuilding Effects

Ephedrine HCL enhances energy in several ways at once – providing both increased mental energy as well as physical energy. Ephedrine works by stimulating beta receptors in the brain. These receptors are known for boosting mental concentration as well as creating mood-lifting results. This is vital for getting the most out of your trips to the gym – and convincing yourself to hit the gym even on those long and tiring days.


Studies have found that taking ephedrine allows you to have greater stamina during exercise because you do not feel fatigue in your muscles as much. According to Dr. Brown of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Nebraska, ephedrine can increase your aerobic ability for six hours after taking the weight loss supplement. The adrenalin-like effects of ephedrine lessens your perception of physical exertion so you can train much harder for longer. This is a vital component of any bodybuilding or exercise program that includes strength training and weight lifting.

Ephedrine hydrochloride is also known to stimulate better metabolism and to suppress the appetite so you eat a healthier diet. With optimal metabolic functioning and more nutritious food intake, you will not only see yourself burning more fat, you will also have higher sustained energy levels throughout the day. And ephedrine enables you to lose weight without resorting to a severely low-calorie diet which often translates to lethargy and diminished energy levels.

ephedrine hcl energy bodybuildingThe last way that ephedrine boosts energy levels is by increasing oxygenation of muscle tissue. Ephedrine is known as one of the most powerful natural bronchodilators and vasodilators. This means that breathing and circulation are improved, resulting in more oxygen in the bloodstream. When you take deeper, longer breaths more of that oxygen is able to reach your extremities and fully oxygenate your muscles. Oxygen is vital for performing at the highest levels of cardiovascular output and will allow you to build muscle and tone faster.

Whether you are looking to bulk up quickly or to burn fat for a more toned physique, the extra energy you will receive from ephedrine HCL can greatly improve your results. Everyone from competition bodybuilders to professional athletes to casual dieters has used ephedrine to give them that motivation they need to reach their goals. If you want to get an even stronger boost from ephedrine, consider combining it with caffeine in an ECA Stack cycle.


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