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Ephedrine Before and After Weight Loss Pictures & Reviews

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but when it comes to weight loss supplements that might as well be one million words. Nothing is more rewarding than looking at old pictures of yourself from before you lost the weight and comparing them to how you look now. Or if you still need that final push to get off the couch and commit fully to a diet and exercise program, nothing is more motivating than seeing other people who have succeeded and kept the weight off.

That’s why we’re so excited to share this story from someone who used ephedrine to drop 40 pounds of fat and put on some serious muscle! Thanks to Greg from Portland, Oregon for sending us his before and after ephedrine picture. Just for sending in his story, we are giving him a free five bottle supply of ephedrine HCL! Have you lost 10 or more pounds so far by using Ephedrine or Ephedra products? Send us your weight loss reviews and ephedrine before and after pictures and if we use them on the site then you could also receive five bottles of Synergenex Ephedrine.


ephedrine before and after


In Greg’s own words: “I used an EC Supplement Stack three times a day in addition to eating better and working out to help me get these results in about 6 months. I was pretty athletic during high school, but after college started to put on more weight and wasn’t working out. Finally a few years ago I was sick and tired of how I looked and decided to do something about it.”

“When I first started I was going to the gym a few times a week, but the results were taking a while to come and I was getting less motivated. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to burn all that fat, but it had been about five weeks and I had only lost a few pounds that could have just been water weight. I started having less energy to go to the gym and would make excuses on why I was skipping each day. I just thought I had given it my best effort and I wasn’t going to lose the weight.”

“Then I started reading on a lot of bodybuilding forums about people using ephedrine for weight loss. I has always thought it was illegal and didn’t really understand the difference between ephedrine and ephedra at first. But the reviews online were very positive so I bought one bottle online and started using it.”

“I started only taking 8 mg of ephedrine HCL in the morning, at lunchtime and then right before I worked out. The adrenalin rush was incredible! I had so much energy and during my workouts I could push myself so much further. I would have energy for the gym all the time and I wasn’t eating as much bad food because of the appetite suppressant effects. I had found it hard before to avoid cheating on my diet and eating some of those bad fried foods, but after ephedrine I didn’t have any of those cravings anymore.”

“I started losing weight a LOT faster – almost 20 pounds in just the first month. By that time I was taking three ephedrine with 200 mg of caffeine in the morning and afternoon as well as a third dose on days when I went to the gym. After that, I cut back a bit to cycle my EC Stack and then focused more on bulking up a bit. In total over 6 months of using and cycling ephedrine, I dropped my bodyfat % by almost 7%. I have so much more confidence because of how I look and generally have a lot more energy for doing stuff that I love. The stuff works and I’ve gotten a lot of my buddies to use it to lose weight too.”



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