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Using Ephedrine Appetite Suppressant Diet Pills

ephedrine appetite suppressantAre you looking for the best ephedrine appetite suppressant to control your hunger? One of the often overlooked benefits of ephedrine hydrochloride for weight loss is its ability to suppress the appetite, substantially reducing hunger cravings. This factor can be vital to individuals who have difficulty sticking to a healthy diet. With so many temptations confronting us at seemingly every moment, it is often difficult to commit to a diet that consistently produces a calorie deficit. Ephedrine

In order to lose a pound of fat, you need to expend 3,500 more calories than you consume. That can be difficult when you consider that a single Frappucino from Starbucks contains 460 calories and it would take you an hour of cycling to burn the same amount. Typically, you can expect to burn 2000 calories a day at standard activity levels. That means, in order to lose one pound of fat a week, you would have to limit your intake to 1500 calories a day. If that sounds challenging to you, ephedrine HCL might be able to help.

How Does Ephedrine Suppress Appetite?

Ephedrine appetite suppressants have similar chemical structure to the natural hormone adrenaline. This neurotransmitter is released by the body when the fight-or-flight reflex is triggered, especially during athletic competition or other high-excitement events. As a result, the body goes into “survival mode” and hunger signals from the stomach to the brain are blocked. When you take ephedra weight loss supplements, your body mimics the adrenergic response and blocks hunger signals from being received by the brain. You will instinctively feel less of a need to eat and be able to say no to those unhealthy food cravings.


Another important effect of ephedrine HCL is that it increases satiety so that when you do eat, you will feel fuller faster and for longer. That means being able to say no to that extra helping of dessert or that overly-indulgent midnight snack. A 1991 study on ephedrine conducted by the Silesian School of Medicine confirmed these results when looking at 23 obese individuals in Poland. The study found that taking 50 mg of ephedrine 90 minutes before a meal had a significant impact on delaying gastric emptying.

does ephedrine suppress the appetiteGastric emptying might sound awfully unpleasant, but it is actually just the process by which food that has been digested leaves the stomach and enters the intestines. The longer this process takes the more full you will feel after a meal. You might have noticed a similar effect when eating something heavy and dense like oatmeal in comparison to eating a light soup. The soup will be digested much more quickly while oatmeal and other complex carbohydrates will take longer, leading to fewer hunger cravings later in the day.

This dual action of ephedra alkaloids – both blocking hunger signals and slowing down the digestive process – is what makes ephedrine one of the most potent appetite suppressants available on the market today. While many others will use products such as hoodia gordonii, grapeseed oil, or the unsafe Phen375, ephedrine is safe and effective at helping you stick to your diet plan. In additional to this, the metabolism-boosting action of ephedrine HCL will help you reach your desired body weight in a speedy manner.


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