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Will Ephedran Extract Help Me Lose Weight and Diet?

ephedran extract weight lossEphedran is a trademarked ephedra extract sold by the nutritional supplement company Innovated Bio Labs. It is found in Hellfire Eph 150, Black Mamba Hyperrush, and Diablos ECA Fire Caps along with a proprietary blend of stimulants and metabolism boosters. Many people who purchase Ephedran believe that this herbal weight loss compound will give them the same results as the original ephedra products marketed in the 1990s. However, if you want to get in shape and get your diet under control you should know that Ephedran extract is missing the most vital part of the ma huang plant.

Ephedra is the name for a family of plants in the Ephedraceae genus typified by the ma huang or ephedra sinica herb used in ancient Chinese medicine. This plant was found to have a very positive effect on metabolism, causing certain hormone levels responsible for breaking down fat tissue to spike dramatically. According to IBL, the Ephedran extract found in Hellfire Eph 150 is a proprietary blend containing 150 mg of extract from the ephedra plant. In some of their promotional material, they tell us that Ephedran “combines seven different sources of ephedra to help shed that unwanted body fat quickly and permanently.”

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Unfortunately, because it is a trade secret blend we do not know the exact make-up of these seven sources of ephedra. But according to the Hellfire label, they use the Sida Cordifolia species of ephedra which is found growing naturally in California and other South-Western states in the USA. IBL tells us that their Ephedran extract is standardized to contain 20% alkaloids which is important because many other ephedra extracts do not give you a standardized dose. Since different ephedra plants can contain different quantities of alkaloids, taking the same amount of raw plant matter from two different herbs can result in drastically different alkaloid dosages.

20% alkaloid content is quite high which is a plus if you want fast weight loss results, but there is no breakdown on the specific alkaloids present in Ephedran. The alkaloids found in the ephedra plant are what gives it its fat-burning characteristics with the ephedrine alkaloid being the best performer. Other alkaloids include pseudoephedrine, norephedrine, and cathine all of which may cause some thermogenic response but only a fraction of that generated by ephedrine. That is why it might surprise you that upon further analysis of Ephedran by the FDA, it was discovered that there are no ephedrine alkaloids in this product!

Ephedran uses an inactive form of ephedra to manufacture its extract. They remove the ephedrine alkaloids to prevent certification problems with the FDA, but in doing so products like Hellfire EPH 150 are unable to give you the kind of fat burning results that you could achieve with pure ephedrine. You will also find 100 mg of Ephedran X in the Eph 100 brand of diet pills which advertises itself as “The Fastest Most Potent High-Performance Energy Supplement.” Almost all of the “ephedra extract” supplements available around the world today are completely devoid of ephedrine alkaloids. However, it is still legal to purchase ephedrine HCL on its own to help you lose weight. This is by far the strongest diet product that is sold today and it should only be used by people who want to cut body fat fast.


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