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ma huang powder and ephedra sinica powder for saleEphedra powder has been proven many times over as one of the best herbal weight loss tools that anyone can use. Taking real ephedra supplements will heighten your metabolism and allow you to burn excess fat while preserving muscular mass. This makes it ideal for bodybuilders, athletes, as well as people who just need some extra help to achieve their goal weight. FDA regulations prevent ephedra sinica and ma huang powder from being included in diet pills and supplements, but you can still purchase powdered ephedra in the United States. Just make sure that you are getting real ephedra sinica and not an American version of the ephedra plant that does not actually contain the active component of ephedrine.

How Is Powdered Ma Huang Prepared?

Chinese herbalists and Native Americans have been growing ephedra and making powdered extracts for hundreds of years. Because the dried powders are devoid of moisture, they are far more potent than using the fresh stems and leaves of the herb in ma huang teas or tinctures. This is also why ephedra is always harvested in dry seasons and not in the summer when the water content of the shrub is at its highest. Ephedra sinica plants must mature to at least 4 years of age before they can be cut and used for powder. The branches, roots, and other offshoots are then ground into powdered form and either sold like that or pressed into solid pills or capsules.

Ephedra Sinica Powder Dosage

When it comes to weight loss supplements, there really is no such thing as a recommended dose that will work for everyone. Anyone with a higher body mass will tend to need a larger dose size while those with smaller BMIs might find the same dosage to be excessive. However, this is not a hard and fast rule and there are a lot of exceptions that can apply. The safe upper limit for ephedra consumption is generally agreed to be between 25 mg to 30 mg of ephedrine alkaloid spread over 3 to 4 intakes per day. If you take more than this amount, you will experience greater risk of side effects.

purchase powdered ma huang extract for weight lossDetermining the correct dosage from your powdered ma huang is actually a difficult prospect. Since two different ephedra plants can contain different percentages of active ingredients, you might find that one serving requires 120 mg of ephedra powder while another serving requires as much as 350 mg. You should never base your dosages on the amount of ephedra powder, but rather on the amount of ephedrine consumed since this is the ingredient that actually causes all of the weight loss results. If you can, find a powdered product that has a standardized alkaloid content so you know exactly how much ephedrine is in the extract.

The Best Alternative

These days, most people prefer to take synthesized ephedrine hydrochloride or sulfate rather than using powdered extracts. This allows you to get pure ephedrine without some of the potentially harmful impurities present in the ephedra plant. Ephedrine HCL pills are also guaranteed to give you a standardized dose size, taking some of the guesswork out of herbal supplement preparation. Both versions are equally potent, but due to the decreased risk of side effects we recommended pure ephedrine pills for sale rather than ephedra sinica powder or ma huang powder.


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