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Ephed 25 mg Review as a Weight Loss and Fat Burning Supplement

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Ephed 25mg

Ever since the FDA instituted its new policy on the sale of ephedrine and ephedra supplements in 2007, people have been looking for legal versions of these products that are still available in the USA. Ephed 25 mg is one of those pills containing real ephedrine alkaloids that you can still purchase without a prescription. This product from DMD Pharmaceuticals is marketed as an expectorant and a bronchodilator to alleviate the symptoms of asthma and other breathing difficulties, but many dieters will actually buy it to help them lose weight. In this article, we will look at how Ephed 25 mg works and whether it should be used as a diet pill.

Ephed 25mg

Ephed 25 mg combines 25 mg of ephedrine hydrochloride with 200 mg of gauifenesin. A single package costs $19.99 for 24 tablets which amounts to $0.83 per pill. You can also find for sale a 12.5 mg version of Ephed which sells for $15.99 per package. There is also 30 mg Ephed Plus caplet available, but this product contains pseudoephedrine HCL instead of ephedrine. While pseudoephedrine can have some implications for burning calories and fat, it is considered far less effective than its cousin alkaloid from the ephedra plant.

The main reason that Ephed 25mg and Ephed 12.5 mg are still legal following the FDA ban has to do with the smaller dose sizes, the fact that these products are marketed as decongestants and mucus relievers, and because they do not give you pure ephedrine. There has been a lot of concern in the USA recently that pure ephedrine HCL can be broken down and then used to make a variety of illegal drugs. To prevent the use of this ephedra alkaloid as a precursor chemical, many states require that it be mixed with another compound when formulated for OTC sale.

Guaifenesin or glyceryl guaiacolate from the Guaiac Tree is used widely in the cold remedy industry as an additive for ephedrine products and in Ephed 25mg you will find eight times more of this substance than of ephedrine itself. This drug is known to relax the muscles of the airways so that mucous is easier to expel from the lungs and bronchial tubes. While it is generally regarded as safe by the FDA, there are possible side effects than can occur from taking too much of this medication. But the real reason why you do not want this drug in your diet pills has to do with the fact that it can actually counteract the benefits of stimulants like ephedrine.

Ephed 25 mg works for weight loss because of something known as the sympathomimetic effect of amines like ephedrine. When this compound hits receptors throughout your body, it actually replicates the effects of adrenalin, causing your body to react with the fight or flight reflex. The natural benefits of an adrenalin rush can include heightened mental concentration, improved oxygenation of the muscle tissue, decreased desire to eat between meals, and better athletic stamina and performance. But most important, in this high-adrenalin state your body starts to burn more calories and fat through thermogenesis. This is the process that your body uses to regulate its own core temperature. By raising that temperature a few magnitudes of a degree, you can naturally boost your metabolism and promote rapid weight loss.

ephed 25 hcl for sale legallyNow imagine that at the same time as taking ephedrine, you also consume eight times that amount of a central nervous system agent that depresses your fight or flight response and relaxes the muscles. As you can imagine, this would negatively affect the results possible with ephedrine HCL. That is why most bodybuilders during a cutting phase who need to get their body fat percentage low before a competition will only take pure ephedrine alkaloids and not a product such as Ephed 25. You can only buy pure ephedrine HCL online from Canada, but it is legal to ship it into the USA for personal use. That is the best alternative to taking a supplement like Ephed 25 for weight loss.


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