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effigen fat burning supplements for saleHave you ever heard of the weight loss supplement effigen and want to know does it work? Effigen is one of the naturally occurring alkaloids found in the Chinese ephedra plant. Also known as ephedrine, this herbal compound is used to trigger a higher metabolism state within your body so you burn excess calories and fat stores. Unlike so many fad diet pills and fat burners, effigen has a long track record of producing fast weight loss results both from exhaustive clinical trials and thousands of positive user reviews. Continue reading to learn how to use effigen tablets and where you can purchase this slimming product.

How It Works

Effigen effects the body in a few different ways, but the primary pathway is through stimulating the adrenergic beta receptors. These beta receptors are typically activated when epinephrine (more commonly known as adrenalin) is present in the blood. In the 1900′s, it was discovered that effigen is able to trigger these receptors in the same way as adrenalin. That is why so many people will take large dosages of effigen as an athletic performance enhancer or to improve focus an alertness; consuming effigen is kind of like giving your body an artificial adrenalin rush.

At lower doses, this same compound can be utilized to increase the rate at which you expend calories and fat by moderately increasing the basal energy needs of the body. This metabolic boost is largely the result of a process known as thermogenesis which is used to keep your core temperature stabilized. If you raise that core temp even a tiny bit, your body has to create even more heat and you will use up more energy. Effigen can also help you lose weight while protecting muscle tissue, making it ideal for bodybuilders or anyone who wants to achieve a toned physique.

Suggested Dosage for Weight Loss

effigen dosages and effectsThe recommended effigen dosage consists of 25 mg taken between one and three times per day. If you consume more than this amount, you may experience several negative side effects like restlessness, nausea, a racing heart, or lightheadedness. At even higher dose amounts, these adverse side effects can be even more dangerous like heat strokes or heart attacks. However, at doses of less than 100 mg per day, effigen has been tested as safe for use among healthy individuals. To lessen the risk of bad reactions, most effigen users will cycle the supplement starting with 8 mg doses in their first two weeks, then increasing to 16 mg and finally reaching 25 mg after three or four weeks. This will allow your central nervous system to build up a tolerance to some of the more stimulative effects of the drug while the fat burning efficiency remains the same.

It is common practice to use effigen with caffeine in an EC Stack or with caffeine and aspirin in an ECA Stack. This methodology was first developed by scientists at Harvard University who discovered that the effigen effects were greatly enhanced when combined with these other compounds. Caffeine is often used by those who want to lose weight on its own because it does have a metabolism boosting effect and can also suppress the appetite. With effigen, caffeine blocks certain receptors in the body that otherwise limit the amount of Norepinephrine present in the blood. Norepinephrine is one of the major hormones that allows the body to convert fat into cellular energy and the more of it you have in the blood, the faster you can burn fat. Aspirin also amplifies this process by increasing lipid mobilization.

Buy Effigen Tablets

Effigen slimming tablets are legal to buy in many countries like the USA, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Canada. However, due to regulations from the FDA and other health agencies, you will not find this ingredient in any product specifically marketed for weight loss or diet. That is because ephedra alkaloids – specifically the effigen alkaloid – has been banned from these types of supplements. Instead, you can purchase pure effigen (usually labelled as ephedrine hydrochloride or ephedrine HCL) in 8 mg doses from pharmacies or other approved OTC shops. Many people around the world buy their effigen diet pills online and have them shipped from Canada because of the favorable laws of this country. You do not need to show ID to purchase effigen from Canada and it is legal to import it to most other countries such as the USA for personal use. If you could use some extra help to reach your diet and weight loss goals, effigen is undoubtedly the most powerful supplement that you can legally purchase today.


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