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Effergin for Weight Loss: Dosage, Effects and Expected Results

effergin slimming tabletsEffergin (another name for the supplement ephedrine) is increasingly popular as a diet pill due to the abundance of scientific evidence proving that it actually works. Even the Journal of the American Medical Association published an article concluding that this herbal substance can help you burn an additional 2.2 pounds of fat every month without exercise. But effergin has to be used properly to maximize the metabolic results and to minimize the potential for negative side effects. With the right dosage and supplement combination, you can achieve fast weight loss using effergin products.

What is Effergin?

The effergin alkaloid was first discovered in the early 1900’s as one of the key chemicals present in the ephedra plant that grows in China. This alkaloid shares similar properties to the hormone adrenalin and can produce a sympathomimetic reaction analogous to an adrenalin rush. While the ephedra herb was a favorite ingredient of weight loss supplements in the past, it is no long available in the USA. However, you can still purchase effergin in the form of ephedrine HCL in legal 8 mg pill doses. A typical dosage is 25 mg of effergin taken a maximum of three times per day for up to six weeks.

How Does Effergin Work?

Effergin’s main effect on the body is increasing the rate at which fat is oxidized through the adrenergic hormone norepinephrine. This hormone is responsible for breaking down adipose tissue (fat-storing cells) to be burned for energy. Researchers have found that effergin acts on the receptors and synapses that control how much norepinephrine is released by your cells. The more norepinephrine in your blood stream, the more fat you burn at normal activity levels. Effergin can also increase the body’s resting heart rate resulting in a process known as thermogenesis by which you expend calories and fat to raise your core temperature. This increases your basal metabolic rate leading to considerable weight loss over a short period of time

Taking effergin also poses benefits for appetite suppression, allowing you to avoid snacking during meals and cutting your overall caloric intake. Another positive effect of this supplement is higher energy levels and enhanced concentration or focus. Many bodybuilders take these diet pills just to give them an extra boost before working out so they can improve their athletic performance and their endurance. It is also common to see students using effergin as a studying aide before a late-night exam crash session. Effergin is frequently paired with caffeine and aspirin in an ECA Stack – the combination of which is known to greatly increase the effects of these compounds on their own.

Effergin Side Effects

effergin side effects and does it workWhile taking effergin can contribute to a sense of well-being, it is important that anyone taking anti-depressants avoid this herbal substance. That is because effergin can cause dangerous side effects if used in conjunction with any MAO inhibitors. You should also refrain from using these weight loss products if you have a heart problem, diabetes, a history of liver or kidney issues, or are pregnant. Check with a medical professional before combining effergin tablets with any other type of medication. Mild side effects such as nausea, headaches, increased perspiration, restlessness or anxiety have been observed when taking this fat burner. In more serious cases, effergin has been associated with heart palpitations, stroke, heart attack, or kidney or liver problems. To avoid negative side effects, start with a small dosage of this compound and only increase it after two weeks of normal use.

Buy Effergin Online

You can find effergin supplements for sale online from brands like Kaizen and Synergenex. It is more common to see these products marketed under the name of ephedrine HCL supplements, but they are the same thing. A bottle of 50 effergin capsule will typically cost between $10-$15 with discounts available when ordering in bulk. You might also want to buy pure caffeine to use with your effergin at the same time in an ECA supplement stack.

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