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Buying Ephedrine in the State of Kentucky – Is It Legal?

is ephedrine illegal in kentuckyThe legal status of ephedrine has changed quite a lot in the state of Kentucky over the past ten years. Keeping up with all of these changes can be difficult and it has caused a number of people to incorrectly believe that ephedrine is illegal here and across the USA. In reality, this key chemical from the ephedra herb is legal in Kentucky, but legislation has been enacted to control the marketing, sale, and quantities that a single person can possess. Whether you are taking ephedrine in an ECA Stack to lose weight or using it to help treat asthma and congestion, you should become familiar with the regulations governing this supplement before you buy it.

In Kentucky, ephedrine can only be sold at a pharmacy unless it is prepared in a gel capsule, liquid capsule, or liquid formulation. It is regulated strictly because it is considered a “precursor” chemical which means you can use it to manufacture a certain class of illegal substances. This accounts for the firm 9 gram possession limit on all ephedrine and pseudoephedrine products and drugs. According to a June 20th, 2005 law in Kentucky, possessing more than 9 g. of ephedrine would constitute prima facie evidence of the intent to produce illegal drugs. To give you a rough idea, 9 g. would amount to over 22 bottles of Kaizen Ephedrine HCL – surely enough to keep you stocked for several months!


In order to buy ephedrine, you will need to be at least 18 years old and visit a licensed pharmacy. You are required to show photo ID and sign a sales tracking log that electronically records all transactions for two years. Many people feel uncomfortable having their information stored in a government database, but this is necessary to ensure that no one is exceeding their personal ephedrine purchase limit. Each individual can only buy 7.2 grams of ephedrine in a 30 day period and a maximum of 24 grams per year. This second part of the law was only introduced in 2012 and it makes Kentucky much stricter than US federal law. Per US law, you can buy a maximum of 3.6 grams per day and 9 grams per thirty days. There is no yearly purchase limit enforced.

where to buy ephedrine hcl kentuckyThe legality of ephedrine in Kentucky has meant that many residents of this state instead prefer to buy their supplements online. Pure ephedrine HCL can be purchased from certain websites for as little as $10 a bottle, or less when buying in bulk. If you buy from a website based out of the US, you will have to fax them a copy of your ID matching the shipping address before they can complete your order. Instead, if you look for ephedrine for sale online from Canada you can avoid this requirement while still being able to purchase your diet pills legally. It is legal to import up to 7.5 grams of ephedrine base into the USA every 30 days, but you are advised to order less than 3.6 grams at a time to satisfy the domestic purchase limit.


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