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buy pure ephedraAre you looking for the best place to buy pure ephedra or pure ephedrine HCL? If you need to lose weight and burn fat now, these weight loss supplements can help you reach your goals in a fast and natural way. By choosing safe forms of ephedra for sale online, you can purchase this drug legally and for lower prices than most other dietary aides currently on the market.

Ephedra and Ephedrine are two of the most effective metabolic boosters, meaning that they help increase your energy levels and suppress your appetite. This means that you can burn more calories and fat throughout the day while better moderating what you eat so that you can avoid those cravings that usually derail your diet. However, pure ephedra is not legal for sale in most countries around the world. Instead, people will use pure ephedrine HCL which is legal and is the main active ingredient in ephedra that creates the metabolic boost.

While ephedra was very popular over the last twenty years, it gained a bad reputation due to some cases of severe side effects that can occur if you have other medical conditions or if you use too much of the drug. As a result, the FDA banned the drug as a component in weight loss products in the year 2004. It is important to remember that most of the adverse ephedra side effects reported were caused by individuals not using ephedra according to the recommended dosage instructions. The main reason that ephedra was banned and not ephedrine HCL is that ephedrine is typically produced under lab conditions where quality control can be assured. Ephedrine that comes from the ephedra sinica plant on the other hand can sometimes contain impurities and is difficult to dose properly.

Studies from both Columbia University and Harvard University have conclusively determined that Ephedrine HCL is safe and effective for weight loss when used according to proper ephedrine dosages. The studies also showed that ephedrine – especially when combined with caffeine in an ECA Stack – can help you burn up to 2.2 additional lbs per month. This could mean up to 26 lbs of fat burned in a year over and above your diet and weight loss plan. Ephedrine is effective especially for those looking for short-term weight loss results.


Ephedra actually refers to the ephedra sinica plant which is found in China and other parts of Asia. The plant also goes by the traditional Chinese name of Ma Huang and has been used to treat a number of symptoms in ancient eastern medicine. The plant is also popular as an extract used to make ephedra tea which has the ability to treat flu symptoms rapidly.

Ephedrine on the other hand refers to an alkaloid that is present in the ephedra plant and can be isolated on its own. Ephedrine is one of six alkaloids found in the herb with three of the other most well-known being methylephedrin, norephedrine, and pseudoephedrine. It is the ephedrine alkaloid in ephedra that gives it its weight loss characteristics, though pseudoephedrine HCL is also used to burn fat to a lesser extent. But when you are consuming ephedra as a whole, the actual quantity of ephedrine provided will be minimal because of the presence of other alkaloids. This is why pure ephedrine is preferred for those desiring to lose weight.

Pure ephedrine HCL is legal to buy in most countries around the world in dosages of 8 mg. But you will not always find the drug in fitness and nutrition supplement stores. Because of the side effects associated with over-use of ephedra, the product must be marketed as a decongestant and not a weight loss supplement. To prevent legal issues, your local supplement store may not carry ephedrine. But you can buy pure ephedrine online from legal sources as a hayfever treatment without a prescription.


buy pure ephedrine

In some instances, you may be able to find ephedrine HCL for sale in a fat loss stack. These products cannot market themselves as containing ephedrine though so you’ll have to do your research to learn which ones actually contain pure ephedrine. You might have an easier time finding one of these pills at your local supplement store, but because the ephedrine is combined with many different other products, it is usually much more expensive than ephedrine on its own. You will also find that sometimes these other ingredients are included just to get around the legislation, but don’t actually produce definitive weight loss results.

This is why buying pure ephedrine online is often the most attractive option for those wishing to lose weight. You can still get ephedrine HCL, but remember that officially you will be purchasing a hayfever treatment not a weight loss treatment. Make sure to only purchase your ephedrine from trusted and regulated sources to ensure that you are receiving a high quality product.



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