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Where to Buy Ephedrine HCL Online?

buy ephedrine hcl onlineEphedrine is extensively used in Chinese herbal medicine to treat a variety of ailments like sinusitis, nasal congestion and as bronchodilator. More recently, it has gained favor in Europe and North America as a popular diet aide and weight loss supplement. However, because of FDA restrictions, Ephedrine Hydrochloride is not readily available for purchase in the United States. Many other countries across the world have also made it illegal to purchase diet and weight loss pills containing Ephedrine. That is why so many people buy ephedrine HCL online and have it shipped to them.

If you are looking to quickly burn fat and trim your stomach and thighs, where can you buy safe and legal Ephedrine? In this article, we will look at some of the reasons for the restrictions on the sale of Ephedrine HCL as well as the best sources for buying high quality pure Ephedrine pills online.

The use of ephedrine in small doses of less than 8 mg is regarded as safe and effective for weight loss in the medical community. However, in the early 1990’s, some end-users started taking larger doses and combining ephedrine with other thermogenics and weight loss supplements. These combinations resulted in sometimes severe side effects, and caused the FDA to step in and ban the drug in the United States. Many other countries around the world have followed step and made it illegal to use diet pills containing ephedrine.

where to buy ephedrine online

However, you can still buy ephedrine online from Canada in safe dose sizes of 8mg. Use of higher doses or non-standardized ephedrine HCL tablets can result in more noticeable side effects. The country of Canada has specifically made it illegal to market ephedrine as a weight loss or diet pill, but does not place restrictions on marketing the drug for certain other treatments. You can legally buy Ephedrine HCL online as a bronchodilator, nasal decongestant or as a treatment for hay fever. While the sale of ephedrine HCL as a supplement is illegal in the USA, many Americans buy it by importing ephedrine from Canada. It is legal to purchase and import 8 mg ephedrine hydrochloride tablets from Canada to most states in the US.

Ephedrine HCL can be purchased at very reasonable prices from a number of online stores. But make sure you do your research and only buy ephedrine from trusted sellers and manufacturers before ordering. To prevent the risk of side effects, purchase only popular brands with reviews that you can read online from other ephedrine users. You should also make sure to only buy 8 mg pure ephedrine doses as this has been determined to be the safest dosing size for fat burning and weight loss.



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