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Black Widow 25 mg Ephedra Diet Pills Review, Results and Side Effects

Are you interested in trying Black Widow Ephedra Diet Pills to give you more energy and burn unwanted pounds quickly? Black Widow (not to be confused with Black Spider 25) is another offering from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals which is known for producing high quality fat burning supplements. But this pill is advertised more as a stimulant and energy booster than a metabolism enhancer.

What is important to know before you buy Black Widow Ephedra is that it does not contain any actual ephedrine – the active alkaloid in ephedra that helps you lose weight. Instead, Black Widow 25 contains a blend of inert herbal ephedra with eight other compounds such as yohimbe and synephrine that are intended to compensate for the lack of ephedrine. It retails for between $27 and $49 depending on where you purchase it and each bottle contains 90 capsules.

The famous ephedra plant that is known to provide so many weight loss benefits is actually just one of over 40 different species of ephedraceae. Each of the herbs within this genus has a slightly different chemical make-up, but these differences can have major implications for burning fat. The original ephedra sinica shrub (“real Ma Huang”) is the most effective because it has the highest composition of ephedrine alkaloids. Other species such as sida cordifolia are known to possess less alkaloid content, but to still be effective. Still others such as Ephedra Nevadensis, Ephedra Viridis, and Mormon tea have no ephedrine content at all and this is what Black Widow is made of.

The reason we know this is that all of Hi Tech’s products that contained real ephedrine were banned by the FDA in 2004. So when they list 25 mg ephedra extract on the bill of ingredients for this supplement, this is allowed because they are using “fake” ephedra in their pills. As such, there is no ephedrine alkaloids in the product and they are allowed to continue to sell it in spite of the FDA ban. You will actually find that most ephedra fat burners available around the world do not use real ephedra in their ingredients.


Some say there are minimal weight reduction benefits to ephedrine-free ephedra, but this has not been proven by any scientific studies. In addition to ephedra, each Hi Tech Black Widow pill contains synephrine from citrus aurantium, while willow bark (herbal aspirin), guarana, cayenne, ginseng, gree tea, kola nut, anhydrous caffeine, bladderwrack, theobromine, yohimbe, salicylic acid, chromium picolinate, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6. This is indeed an impressive roster of compounds representing some of the most popular stimulants for sale today. However, combining all of these supplements at the same time may cause negative side effects. cautions, “This is far too many stimulants. The dieter will feel increased energy, but that energy will soon be replaced with a racing heart rate and increased blood pressure. Other side effects may include nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness and death, in extreme cases.”

black widow ephedra side effectsIf you do want to use ephedra for weight loss, the common practice today is to buy pure ephedrine HCL which is legal and to combine this with caffeine and aspirin in an ECA Supplement Stack. Ephedrine has been observed to be twice as effective when mixed with caffeine in a 25 mg to 200 mg ratio. Buying your ephedrine, caffeine, and aspirin separately is also a good way to save money compared to purchasing a pre-formulated product like Black Widow diet pills with Ephedra. If you do decide to buy Black Window with ephedra instead, make sure to read other user reviews and results about the best way to take this supplement. Below are several reviews from various supplement sites and fitness communities online:

“These little pills are amazing…they were the little extra I needed to get over my exercise and weight-loss plateau!” – Aaron B.

“I was not too pleased with this product. I thought it would be stronger. The yellow bullets are stronger and pack more of a punch and are less costly.” – Robin M.

“Planning on re-ordering! Works great and I feel great at the same time. Does not even feel like I am dieting.” – Anonymous

“This product did nothing for me. It gave me a crash. It did not suppress my appetite nor give me any energy. Don’t wast your money on this one.” – Ms. V

“I tried this product because the company sent me a sample pack with 4 in it. I didn’t think I felt much off the first one I took because I took it with a big meal so I took another one about 2 hours later and it definitely got me up an going. I didn’t get hungry for the rest of the day and was energy filled. Came back to order a full bottle this time.” Mortimer

“These pills are amazing, they don’t cause the shakes and give you energy for about 4 hours and you don’t “feel” like eating.” Mamajo

“I have taken it twice. The first time I experienced horrible nausea, and the second time resulted in violent vomiting. I definitely do not recommend.” – BE


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