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Best Ephedra Products and Fat Burners

best ephedra productsWhat are the best ephedra products and fat burners available in 2013? If you have been trying to lose weight by dieting for many months without experiencing the results you want, a fat burning supplement may help you reach your goals. Even though the FDA has banned Ephedra for sale in the USA, supplements that contain ephedra fat burners and ephedrine still remain the top selling weight loss products for Americans. This is because these products can be purchased online from other countries such as Canada where their sale is legal and regulated by the government to ensure safety and quality.

Ephedra works to burn fat in a number of ways that work in conjunction with each other. One of the most remarkable effects of ephedra is its ability to suppress the appetite. One dose of ephedrine HCL 45 minutes before a meal can help stop you from over-eating or from indulging in that extra helping of dessert. This can be very important in creating the daily caloric deficit you need in order to create rapid weight loss results and sustain them going forward.

According to a study commissioned by the US Department of Health and Human Services, when using ephedrine HCL with caffeine, you can expect rapid weight loss results of 2.2 pounds or more per month. This adds up to over 26 pounds dropped within one year. The study was looking only at short-term weight loss results to determine how you could lose weight in a quick amount of time.

best ephedra fat burners

Ephedra products are so popular because there are documented reviews and results of individuals who have dropped large amounts of weight with its use. Ephedra is even more effective when used with caffeine and taken in pure ephedrine HCL format. Many athletes will also use this combination known as an ECA stack to help them reach their best possible athletic performance in games or competitions.

The benefits of ephedra and ephedrine have been documented by everyone from fitness enthusiasts on bodybuilding forums and communities to the National Institute of Health. Ephedra fat burners help to increase the metabolism of the body, improve energy levels, boost mental focus, and results in additional fat burned even when not active. If taken in conjunction with whey protein and other minerals and supplements, bodybuilders use ephedrine to increase their muscle weight at the same time that they burn fat.

best ephedra

Over-use of ephedra, ephedrine, and related weight loss products can cause mild to severe side effects. It is best to consult with a doctor before you begin to use ephedra for weight loss. Problems experienced can include psychological symptoms such as nervousness and anxiety, digestive issues such as diarrhea, heart arrhythmias, and in severe cases seizures or strokes. Because ephedra diet pills have been banned by the FDA, many people who want the ephedra weight loss results will instead use ephedrine – a legal and safe version of ephedra. Ephedrine provides the same benefits as ephedrine, but it is typically produced in a lab rather than extracted naturally from the ephedra sinica plant. This means there is more quality control involved.

Some of the top ephedra and ephedrine weight loss products on the market include Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Lipodrene, Metabolife, Stacker 2, and Ripped Fuel. Because most of these products come packages with a lot of other fad supplements that are not backed by scientific research but have famous names, these products tend to be more expensive than if you were to buy pure ephedrine HCL online. It is up to you whether you choose to use one of these products or you decide to build your own weight loss stack by purchasing ephedrine and caffeine for as little as $10 a bottle. You should limit your ephedra dosage at first to allow your body to adjust to the drug. In the first week, take half of a normal dose or less and only continue if you do not feel significant side effects.


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