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What Are the Best Diet Pill Alternatives to Replace Ephedra?

buy best ephedra alternativeIn the year 1999, an estimated 9 million Americans bought ephedra supplements to help them improve their health, slim down, and drop unwanted fat. But with many suppliers using excessively high dosages of ephedra alkaloids in each pill and combining this compound with a large number of other stimulating ingredients, some people started to experience negative results. The reports of side effects grew too large and media scrutiny grew too strong for the FDA not to act. As a result, ephedra sinica has now been banned from diet pills in the United States of America.

But there was never any doubt about the effectiveness of this powerful natural supplement: ephedra worked very quickly to boost your metabolism and burn fat. A study from the May 2002 edition of the International Journal of Obesity found that participants given ephedra and caffeine in an ECA Stack lost an average of 11.7 pounds over 6 months. And that was without any serious exercise program or calorie restrictions. If you add moderate workouts and a balanced diet to your regimen, you could certainly lose even more weight than the average.

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So what is the best alternative to replace ephedra now that it has been banned? Is there anything legal in the USA that can compare to this “miracle” fat burning supplement? There is, and you don’t have to look far to get it. Ephedra sinica (also known as ma huang) is a plant that grows in Asia and most of the ephedra fat burners use extracts from this herb in their ingredients. But you can also get this natural compound in another synthetic form.

Ephedrine HCL: The Top Ephedra Alternative

Within the ephedra herb is a chemical alkaloid known as ephedrine which is what actually raises your metabolism. When you take ephedrine, your body reacts in several different ways that can cause weight loss, but the most significant is thermogenesis. This natural adrenaline-like compound causes your internal thermostat to be increased a few fractions of a degree. Every minute of every day, you are expending energy to keep your core body temperature stable and high. When you raise that temperature even modestly, you need to output even more energy to compensate for that higher temperature. As a result, you can burn a lot more calories and fat with a small ephedrine dosage.

This powerful alkaloid also causes your cells to release more norepinephrine which is a hormone essential for breaking down fat tissue. This hormone is partly responsible for converting stored fat deposits into fatty acids that are burned much more efficiently by the body. If you have fat build-up in “stubborn regions” like the thighs, buttock, and abdomen, then ephedrine can help you overcome a weight loss plateau and target these areas fast.

buy ephedra replacement diet pillsEven though herbal ephedra products are no longer being sold in the USA, synthetic ephedrine is legal and widely available for purchase online. This is the best ephedra alternative to use if you has success with ephedra fat burners but can no longer buy your favourite product. You can find pure ephedrine HCL supplements like Kaizen and Synegernex for approximately $10 a bottle when you buy them in bulk. Some people who are committed fans of supplements like the original Lipodrene, Ripped Fuel, or Hydroxycut will also buy the new ephedra-free formulations of these products and then take ephedrine independently to get them as close to the real thing as possible.

You might also want to consider just using ephedrine hydrochloride with aspirin and caffeine in a supplement stack to get better results. You can buy pure caffeine at very cheap prices, making this one of the most affordable fat burning combos available. The ECA Stack as this is known works twice as well as ephedrine alkaloids on their own by further stimulating your central nervous system and norepinephrine production levels. While ephedra might no longer be legal for sale in the USA, ephedrine is legal and can give you all the same results at a much lower price.


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