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Are Ephedra and Ephedrine Illegal in Florida?

ephedrine hcl illegal in floridaMany residents of Florida falsely believe that ephedrine HCL and ephedra supplements are illegal in the Sunshine State. The truth is that the sale of ephedra-based products is legal, though heavily regulated. Most of these regulations apply to the retailers, suppliers and manufacturers of health supplements, but as a consumer you should be aware of these laws and how they affect you. In this article, we will review the legal status of ephedrine and ephedra pills in the state of Florida as well as applicable USA federal laws.

In the Florida Statues, ephedrine can be sold as an OTC (Over the Counter) drug provided that certain standards set out by the federal government are met. The specifics of these criteria are quite precise so we will not delve too deep into them. Suffice it to say that so long as ephedrine supplement is marketed and sold in a manner consistent with FDA policy, you can buy ephedrine without a prescription from your doctor. That means that it must be sold in doses of less than 8 mg per pill with no more than 50 pills per bottle and it must be labelled as a nasal decongestant or hayfever treatment and not a weight loss product.


Purchasers of ephedrine hydrochloride or ephedrine sulfate are limited to buying 3.6 grams of the supplement per day and 9 grams within a 30 day period. You are also not allowed to buy more than three packages of ephedrine in a single sale which amounts to a limit of 150 pills per sale. You must be at least 18 years to buy this drug in Florida and you will be required to show a government-issued photo ID. Finally, you will have to sign a sales registry when you purchase ephedrine which will record your transaction to ensure that you are not buying more than the legal amount of this drug.

Further legislation creates requirements for retailers who want to sell ephedrine alkaloid products in Florida. All ephedrine or pseudoephedrine pills must be kept behind the pharmacy counter or away from the general public. They can only be dispensed by employees who have completed a training program on the state and federal regulations on the sale of ephedrine. And each retailer must use an approved electronic recordkeeping system to track OTC supplement sales. If they cannot use this kind of recording technology, they are limited to selling 72 grams of ephedrine in a 30 day period. That would work out to 9,000 pills or 180 bottles of pure ephedrine HCL.

where to buy ephedrine in FLBecause many retailers perceive these restrictions to be too severe, you will often find that it is difficult to locate real ephedrine supplements for sale in Florida stores. This is why most Floridians will buy ephedrine and ephedra online from legal sources that are able to ship your supplements through the mail. US federal laws on ephedrine and pseudoephedrine allow for 7.5 mg to be purchased and shipped for personal use to a single individual in a 30 day period. The most popular option has long been to order ephedrine from health stores in Canada where it less heavily regulated and legally import it to the USA. Check with your local government ordinances on whether this might be an option for you.


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